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  1. Attention Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Dirty Talk, Teaching

    A couple watches a movie on a Saturday night. Bored with the movie, she distracts him, asking for a little attention. He agrees, but only if she explicitly states her every desire. Stumbling over her words at first, she soon learns that every wish is granted when she says it out loud.
  2. Renovation Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Ex-Lovers

    Heat and and light poured through her. "Emmit," she moaned. All she could feel was his cock, filling her, making her come so hard her teeth went numb. And still he was thrusting in and out. Each thrust playing a different, delicious chord across her body.
  3. Adjoining Rooms Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Lesbian, First Time

    Two friends go to New Orleans for their annual vacation. What starts as an innocent trip ends in mutual erotic exploration.
  4. Pottery Yarn Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Sex Toys, Craftsman

    When your roommate is a potter, you never know what he might bring home. Dan brings Lila a dildo he's crafted just for her, after hearing her playing with sex toys in her room. Offering to allow Lila to test the prototype, Dan shows off his other special skills as well.
  5. How I Like My Coffee Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Office, Dirty Talk

    Leanne and Jeff engage in a forbidden tryst in his office between meetings, with lots of dirty talk, mutual pleasure and suspense. See what happens when Leanne doesn't wear panties into work. Read on to find out if they get caught.
  6. The Couchsurfers Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Group Sex, Swingers

    Jack and Naomi are a loving couple with a thing for their young and sexy house guests, Andreas and Carmen. Carmen seduces Jack while Andreas sets his sights on Naomi. A week of sexual tension culminates in an erotic partner switch and incredibly hot sex.
  7. Forever There, Then Gone Heat Level: Mild

    Sex: Threesome, Literary, Mystery

    In this erotic tale, we follow a woman as she gets ready for some kind of date. A car picks her up and takes her to an expensive hotel. We feel her nervousness dissipate as she makes love to a woman while a mystery man watches. Soon he joins in and she experiences a new kind of pleasure transaction.
  8. B&E; &B Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Lesbian, Bondage, Surprise

    Melissa arrives home to find an intruder, Gabriella, in her home. She ties the woman up only to find herself taking orders and pleasuring Gabriella, surrendering to restraints and some of her deepest fantasies.
  9. Full Body Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Group Sex, Worship

    Expecting a relaxing massage, Sarah is surprised to find that it will be preformed by a group of stunningly handsome men. For phase two, she is pleasured by group of 12 men who massage, suck, tease, rub and stroke her. They bring her to orgasm after explosive orgasm.
  10. Tying Up Loose Ends Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Bondage, Oral

    A game of Truth or Dare reveals the true nature of Aimee and Marshall's relationship. After dating for a month, Aimee is unsure of whether or not Marshall is attracted to her. She starts a game of Truth or Dare and discovers just how to turn him on.
  11. Flying Through China Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Guided Fantasy/Masturbation

    China Sunflower Thomas, is an accountant in Boulder with red hair and a lover named Jack. One night, at a small get-together, a girlfriend shares her fantasy of a sexy man with long black hair who visits her in St. Croix. The story brings China to the heights of ecstasy but she's not done yet. Jack still has some work to do.
  12. The Chocolate Dream Heat Level: Mild

    Sex: Straight, Erotic Edibles

    He passed The Chocolate Dream erotic confectionary shop every day on the way to work. There was something entrancing about those candies, cakes and cookies in the window, but the storeowner herself was even more delicious.
  13. Clit Lit Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Lesbian, Masturbation

    Annabelle and Kathy love the erotic writers of the early twentieth century, as much as they love having passionate sex with each other. After a chance meeting in the library, they decide to read each other the hot stories that turn them on so much. It isn't long before they are performing the sex scenes themselves.
  14. Go Large Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Cute Meet

    He was in Cannes, dining alone, when a woman wearing a red T-shirt dress invited herself to his table. The message written on her chest was good advice for both of them. It said, "Go Large."
  15. Second Hand Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Psychic sex

    When Martha touched second-hand clothing, she entered the memories of their previous owner, especially their sexual memories. She liked dabbling in other people's lives, feeling their experiences. But some lives are very complicated and, in one case, Martha needed to know much more, and to get involved for real.
  16. The Lucky Dick Club Heat Level: Mild

    Sex: Straight, Light bondage

    A lottery winner decides to share the wealth, and conduct a little social engineering at the same time. She sends checks to the memorable lovers in her life, men who took the time and energy to make her feel like a woman worth pleasing. To do this, she forms the Luck Dick Club. Perhaps the LDC will help reinforce the idea that good sex should be encouraged.
  17. Bacon, Lola & Tomato Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Bend-over play

    One of the most unique bits of erotica you are likely to read, yet as juicy as a ripe tomato. We're not going to spoil this with even a single hint. Just read and enjoy.
  18. Five States Heat Level: Hot!

    Sex: Straight, Multiple partners

    Her name is whatever she makes up on the spot, hitchhiking from Arizona to Canada. She decides to bang one man, and only once, in each state she travels through. Each episode shows her a new side of herself and the men she has sex with. And when her journey has ended, she's ready to do it all over again.
  19. God of Fuck Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Sexy talk

    Elizabeth sits up in bed, editing the last erotica manuscript for the night. She's tired and cranky, especially about the cliches she keeps reading. Especially the one where the woman in the story keeps repeating "Oh God" during sex. Who does that, anyway? Adam has an answer for her, which he demonstrates rather handily.
  20. A Pillowbook Tale Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Poetic

    Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, is an art form that celebrates the union of nature and humanity. How does it relate to the act of love between a man and a woman? It depends on the skill and grace of the woman, and the appreciation of her partner.
  21. Ratatouille Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Sophisticated, Foodie

    Miles and Isabelle both have tastes for the finer things of life - dance, culture, cuisine and, of course, sex. Isabelle is a redhead but Miles has no way of knowing whether the color is natural since there is no carpet to match the drapes. He does know that she is an expert at marrying the joys of food and cooking with the ecstacy of lovemaking.
  22. Oh, Doctor Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Verbal, Imaginary

    A psychiatrist hears many things during the course of a day so it wasn't necessarily unusual when one attractive woman began describing her recurring sexual fantasies. Still, there was something particularly alluring about these tales, each more erotically charged than the last. And the more he listens, the more he wants to hear.
  23. Celtic Fantasy Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Oral, Big finish

    A red-haired lass and her dark-skinned man are exploring the ancient ruins in Ireland. They settle in for a picnic but another hunger overtakes them. There among the crumbling walls and the green landscape, they let their bodies take them to a new level of pleasure.
  24. Wide White Sky Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Lesbian, Western background

    Calamity knew she would come visit her at the one bar in the small Utah town. A mixed-race woman who embraced her unfortunate name, Calamity tended bar where she poured drinks and flirted with customers. Her new friend had never tasted a woman before, but that was about to change.
  25. Sleeping Beauty Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Sleeping, Double Orgasms

    Ah, sweet beautiful sleep. Adele luxuriates in her bed, half listening to Bryce take a shower after his morning jog while she drifts in and out of consciousness. He joins her in bed but she's still not ready to shake off the cobwebs of sleep, even though Bryce clearly has lovin' on his mind. Adele decides to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  26. Ravenesque Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Zaftig, Oral

    Raven's bookstore was the perfect place to find those rare volumes that other shops don't carry. Raven herself was rather unique, a lusty woman with an oral fixation that took just the right kind of man to fully appreciate. When that man entered looking for a special book, she wasn't about to let him get away.
  27. Blue Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Bi-curious, Threesome

    They knew they would probably get lucky at a swinging party - that was the whole point. But meeting Blue, a slim and sexy Chinese student, was special luck. The girl was attracted to the couple but still a bit shy about making love to woman, and her well-endowed husband. When the shyness wore off, the three of them kept each other satisfied.
  28. My Boss's Husband Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Older man, Voyeur

    A young woman is glad that Melissa is her boss and doesn't want anything to affect her job. But after a night of partying with Melissa and her husband, she must stay the night at their house. Will all those looks the husband was giving her lead to something? And what would Melissa say if she knew?
  29. Ride On, Cowboy Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Rough sex

    She had been wanting to taste that rawboned ranchhand's sex sweat ever since her husband hired him. They had some kind of silver deal cooked up but she had other things in mind. She stood in the prairie sun, fondling her breasts until the hand rode up and caught her. He offered to show her how a real man pleasures a woman and she accepted.
  30. Sam Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Ethereal

    Some apartments come with amenities, like heat, window coverings and, in this case, Sam, a ghost who likes to fuck. The last tenant didn't complain and the new one won't either. She waits for him at night, sensing his presence and then his loving touch. It was like sex from another world.
  31. A Nice Jewish Boy Heat Level: Mild

    Sex: Straight, Young lust

    She avoided nice Jewish boys because she considered them dorky and underdeveloped. Her tastes went in other directions. Still, a girl can mature and learn to appreciate people that even her father might approve of. You never know what could happen.
  32. Temperature Rising Heat Level: 98.6

    Sex: Straight, MILF/Mature, Playing Doctor

    This is a very specific type of erotic story. You can determine if you'll like it by answering one question: Do you find thermometers sexy? You do? Then, as long as you also are not repelled by the word "hotbox," you have arrived at the best place possible for you at this moment.
  33. In the Still of the Night Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Sleepy time, hair pulling, biting

    After three hours of sex, you'd think he would be tired. But no, after a brief respite, he's ready for more and she's right there with him. Sure they're both a little groggy at 3:30 a.m., but it's time to make things happen. She just hopes he won't be so gentle and considerate. That's not how she likes it.
  34. Incubus Heat Level: Hellish

    Sex: Demonic

    Who dares to challenge the incubus to a master's level bout of hide the sausage? We won't spoil the surprise ending, but you can be sure that anyone who can withstand the taloned thrusting of an incubus is a being who knows her stuff.
  35. Neighbors Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Lesbian, Fat & thin

    Fiona was not just chubby or plump but downright fat. She didn't like it, but there it was. Her lack of self-esteem kept her from approaching her neighbor -- tall, slender, raven-haired Lili. Luckily, Lili had plenty of self-esteem, so she had no trouble knocking on Fiona's door to meet the woman she considered an Earth Goddess.
  36. Peaches 'n Cream Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Sexy food, Light B&D

    This erotic food story, combined with a touch of light bondage, is fairly hot stuff. The prose is as tight and wet as a... well, you get the idea. Unfortunately, it suffers serious construction problems right in the middle. The author probably thought the deliberate change was justified and executed properly. He was wrong. But attempting to fix the problem would mean losing what's good about this dirty little story. So be like us. Stop worrying and start enjoying.
  37. The Punishment Heat Level: B&D Hot

    Sex: Bondage & Domination, Sex toys

    Misha has done a bad thing. She dared to orgasm without her Master's permission and that just isn't done. She must be punished severely and Master is just the man to do it. This story contains no conventional sex, just lots of B&D and mild torture. Misha seems to like it.
  38. A Night to Remember Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, Threesome, including married couple

    She's married to Steve but Brian is just so damn hot. He used to hang around the bar where she worked, but stopped when he ran out of money. Then Steve and Brian became friends and discussed an interesting possibility over beers: What if they had a threesome? It looked like it might never happen, until one night….
  39. All Work and No Play Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, At work, Voyeur

    After a bit of harmless sexting, Antonia finds herself faced with a real-world situation. A colleague at her new job wants to have sex with her back at the office. It's after hours and she's already having drinks with friends at the bar. Should she interrupt the evening for a quickie with a man who wants to make her fantasies come true?
  40. Butterflies at Dinner Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Remote vibrating panties

    You and I are going out to dinner with a business associate and his wife. You are my handsome, daring husband, and I am your willing wife. Shall we do it in front of everyone at the expensive restaurant? No, let's be a bit more surreptitious and classy than that. It will still be fun, I promise you.
  41. Body Heat Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Lesbian, Igloo sex

    Remember Eskimo kisses? How dare you be so insensitive! The term is Indigenous People and the sex these two scholars have decided on has nothing to do with rubbing noses. Instead, they huddle together in an igloo and create as much body heat as two women having sex can work up.
  42. Ice Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, First date

    The date had not gone well, and now the two of them were stuck, thrown together by icy roads and fortuitous circumstance. She would rather have just put this disastrous evening behind her, but with a glass of Jim Beam in her hand and a new look at Nathan, maybe Jane could be persuaded to take a kinder look at the possibilities.
  43. Light Refreshment Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Sex on a train, Voyeur

    Zak and Faith meet on a train when he loans her the fare that she can’t find in her purse. Good thing too because the ticket inspector wasn’t about to give her a break. How can Faith ever repay Zak for his kindness? How about a good old fashioned handie, followed by great train sex. Even the prick ticket inspector decides to get in on the fun.
  44. Oasis Heat Level: Medium

    Sex: Straight, Car sex

    Jace has been overseas for a few months and Kylie has missed him terribly. But he’s back now, fresh off the plane, and they are both anxious to rekindle their red-hot affair. They literally cannot wait to get home and start in on each other. Literally. So they use the car as their Love Motel until they can keep their hands off each other long enough to drive home.
  45. On the Fly Heat Level: Mild

    Sex: Straight, Up in the air

    High above the stage, the catwalk is an amazing place in the theater. Among the flylines and heavy lights, security guard Rick and stagehand Cass are free to play and explore each other. Once Rick gets his fear of heights under control, he’s more than a match for the horny woman who likes her sex extreme.
  46. Spanish Dancing Heat Level: Mild

    Sex: Straight, Bolero sex

    The two of them have a thing for Ravel’s Bolero. From its origins as a Spanish dance, the music has become a soundtrack for love. The narrator and her guitar-playing, music-loving make the most of the composition.
  47. The Maestra Heat Level: Hot

    Sex: Straight, B&D, Cuckold

    Alex was a man used to the finer things. So he was pleased to have a room at The Maestra, an ultra-exclusive hotel where comfort and satisfaction were guaranteed. But he did not expect to be bound and forced to watch his wife servicing a roomful of men. Now that he was, he was finding it humiliating …and strangely erotic.