Free Erotica: Light Refreshment

Light Refreshment
executive summary
Heat Level: Medium

Sex: Straight, Sex on a train, Voyeur

Zak and Faith meet on a train when he loans her the fare that she can’t find in her purse. Good thing too because the ticket inspector wasn’t about to give her a break. How can Faith ever repay Zak for his kindness? How about a good old fashioned handie, followed by great train sex. Even the prick ticket inspector decides to get in on the fun.

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Swivelling slightly to face her more, he cupped one whole breast in his large hand, savouring its soft firm feel. His head soon followed his hand, an exploratory tongue snaking out to lick her nipple tentatively, in the same way that she had first explored his cock. Now, as she became more aroused Faith’s grip on his shaft tightened and her strokes became quicker. Encouraged, he used both hands to roughly cup her breasts, his mouth becoming more insistent enclosing her rigid nipple and applying a delicious level of suction.
Light Refreshment
Good old British Rail, thought Faith Ellis. It was the hottest summer since records began and no air conditioning. Faith hated public transport but a flat tire had forced her to take the train to meet her best friend Sarah for lunch. She stood up briskly with the express intention of opening the last window in the near empty carriage, desperately wishing for some fresh air.

The gorgeous young blonde man opposite turned his head toward her as she yanked at the stiff metal frame, eyeing her holiday tanned legs. His gaze soon travelled up her body to the small breasts nestled bra-less under a silky halter neck top. He was definitely sporty, she thought, and good looking. Under his messy blonde hair and pale eyebrows were eyes the colour of the sea and an upturned nose smattered with freckles above full lips. She flicked her dark bob and flashed him a brief smile from behind the safety of her sunglasses as she settled back into her seat.

Her appraisal was interrupted by the arrival of the ticket inspector. He was a balding, middle-aged man with big patches of sweat visible on his stiff blue uniform. The blond man shifted from his seat to prise a ticket from the rear pocket of his board shorts, his well defined bottom pushing tantalisingly against the gaudy fabric.

“A single to Georgeton please,” said Faith.

“Four pounds please.” Faith’s heart sank as she realised, after much rummaging that her purse was nowhere to be found. There was a handful of change in the bottom of her bag but she was still fifty pence short.

“Oh no, I’m sorry,” she said, “I don’t have enough – can you take my address or something and we can sort it out?” Her cheeks burned.

“Not bloody likely,” the inspector said in a strong Yorkshire accent, “ if you think that I'm going to do you any favours then you've got another thing coming. If I….”

Just then the blonde man jumped out of his seat, having been watching the proceedings with interest. “Here,” he said, in a distinctly Antipodean accent, rummaging in his pockets and producing a 50p piece. The inspector looked at the cash reluctantly, begrudgingly accepting the coin before moving onto the next carriage.

Faith’s face was burning with embarrassment. She pushed her sunglasses off her face onto the top of her head.

“Thanks,” she said, “I normally have money you know, it’s just…”

“Hey,” he interrupted, with an easy smile that made Faith warm to him immediately, “it happens to us all at some time or another. Anyway, there’s nothing I won’t do for a lady in distress!” She smiled back, easily lured by his charming smile, likeable accent and cheeky demeanour. She guessed that he was in his early twenties, which made him a good ten years her junior.

Encouraged by her genuine smile, he moved seats so that he was sitting directly across from her instead of across the aisle.

“Zak,” he offered Faith a giant paw-like hand. His arms were muscular, the veins big and prominent beneath a light fur of blonde hair. His hand was warm and his grip firm. He eyed her up and down. “And you are?”

“Faith.” They chatted easily as the train trundled on, letting passengers off at several small stations. Zak was a student of marine science and also a keen surfer. He was in the UK for a semester on exchange and by all accounts was loving every minute of it. Faith grudgingly let him know that she was an accountant and was glad that he seemed impressed rather than making the usual assumption; that being good with numbers meant boring.

“Married?” he asked. She shook her head. “What? A gorgeous, smart, sexy as hell girl like you? Man, if I was married to you I would....”

Pregnant pause. Loaded silence. Eye contact. With impeccable timing the train shuddered to a halt and the elderly lady two rows down shuffled off with her tartan shopping bag, leaving the carriage empty. Faith was already hot from the closeness of the weather and the impending storm, but now the air was so thick she could only think of one thing that would clear the dizzying vacuum. Already perspiring lightly, she became acutely aware of a different kind of wetness, that of her own juices seeping onto her pale cotton panties. As the train again pushed into reluctant noisy motion, Zak was still looking intently at her. The pause was broken as he shifted uncomfortably in his seat, attempting to rearrange his shorts to accommodate his bulging package.

Later Faith would put what followed down to summer madness, but at that moment she was intensely aware of what she was doing even as she was surprised by her own boldness. Deliberately, she moved so that she was on the seat next to Zak, one leg tucked beneath her and one leg on the floor. She leaned into his ear, one hand softly stroking the hard bulk of his manly thighs.

“Is there any way that I can repay you for your kindness earlier?” Her hand continued to stroke his thigh, moving up slowly so that her fingers were almost touching his straining cock. He looked at her for a fleeting second in disbelief, then an even bigger grin cracked and spread across his face.

“Sure can,” he pronounced, gently taking her teasing hand and moving it up his thigh to where his cock was pushing at the fabric of the shorts. Faith slipped her hand into his shorts and he moaned in delight as she freed it from its confines. He shifted in his seat, pulling the shorts down as he did and enabling Faith to see his manhood in its full glory.

His cock was long and girthy, firmly rooted in a bed of springy dark hair. A single vein pulsed along its length, from the proudly engorged helmet along the clean pink of the shaft. Zak groaned as she slowly and softly ran her hands over the sensitive head, barely touching it. She grasped his cock in her right hand, slowly pulling the foreskin up over the head as a small tear of liquid was wrought from its eye. He moaned in unabashed delight and groaned again as Faith slowly but firmly ran her hand back down his length. As she found her rhythm he turned his attention to Faith, slipping one calloused finger underneath the tie of her pink silky top, pulling it loose from its functional ties. The flimsy halter top crumpled, helpfully falling down so that her firm breasts were exposed.

Faith was surprised that she was so excited but here and now, with the hungry eyes of Zak upon her and the threat of being caught at any moment she was impossibly excited. He ran an appreciative eye over her breasts, taking in the white triangles left over from her recent Caribbean holiday. This whiteness only accentuated the warm dusky pink of her nipples, which were bullet hard. The same big thumb that had freed them now brushed appreciatively over each nipple in turn, sending little shivers of delight through her.

Swivelling slightly to face her more, he cupped one whole breast in his big hand, savouring its soft firm feel. His head soon followed his hand, an exploratory tongue snaking out to lick her nipple tentatively, in the same way that she had first explored his cock. Now, as she became more aroused Faith’s grip on his shaft tightened and her strokes became quicker. Encouraged, he used both hands to roughly cup her breasts, his mouth becoming more insistent enclosing her rigid nipple and applying a delicious level of suction.

Faith was by now pumping her hand up and down his cock at quite a rate, enjoying the control that she had over him. Hopelessly aroused she pulled one of his giant hands from her breasts and forced it roughly between her legs so that he could feel the wetness of her panties. Suddenly and to her undisguised surprise it became too much for him and he came quickly and without warning, spurting hot jets of semen and shaking uncontrollably with the speed and intensity of the orgasm that he had enjoyed.

Momentarily disappointed, Faith reasoned that as he was several years younger than her, that he probably would not have had the experience or ability to hold back. Embarrassed for him, she quickly rummaged in her bag to emerge with a small pack of tissues, this time thankful for the paraphernalia that she insisted on carrying around with her. However, as she quickly found out, she had mistaken his age for immaturity. Instead of being embarrassed, Zak appeared to be completely unfazed by the whole situation, watching her languidly as she cleaned him up. As she busied herself around him, he took her arm by the wrist and uttered one utterly commanding word.

“Stop”. She looked him direct in his eyes and was suddenly embarrassed by her own reaction. Held in his gaze like a rabbit held in the headlights of an oncoming car she was powerless to stop his next movements.

He slid off of the seat and onto the floor, until he was kneeling reverently in front of her. Still holding her gaze, he gently but firmly pulled her legs apart until she was sitting squarely in front of him, legs spread wide. She was aware that he could see right up her skirt to the triangle of white cotton that covered her sticky, hopelessly excited pussy and this, combined with the intensity of his gaze raised her to a level of hopeless anticipation once more.

Zak put his hands on her knees, then ran them up the outside of each leg, bunching her skirt around her waist. The rough material of the British Rail seats scratched against Faith’s upper thighs and bottom. Deftly he placed his hands under the waistband of her panties and pulled them slowly down, gently guiding each ankle and flip-flop clad foot through the leg holes until with a dirty grin he raised his cotton prize to his nose and sniffed like a man enjoying a rare delicacy before slipping them into the pocket of his shorts.

Faith could not help but laugh at this and he flashed his blue eyes at her as he pushed both of her legs up so that he was at eye level directly between her legs. His hands roamed over the tautness of her tan thighs as his eyes greedily devoured the dark strip of soft hair, surrounded by the white shape left by her bikini bottoms.

He gently spread her, exposing all her most vulnerable areas. The same thumb that had touched her nipples in such an exciting way now gently stroked the glistening bud of her clitoris, making her draw in breath rapidly. Still grinning he continued to hold her gently open, her wet slit inviting him and he dropped his head to lap at her pussy like an excited young puppy. The sensation was delicious, and she could not help but gasp as his probing licks applied themselves in the same manner around her clit. His fast, long licks were soon replaced by a circular, probing motion, his tongue encircling her in a deliberate, well-timed motion. He alternated this with burying his head deep within her pussy then returning to apply his lips again to her clit, sucking until it was dragged into a delicious vacuum.

Faith’s breathing was ragged and harsh now, and it was at this moment that her heart nearly stopped as she looked up to be greeted with the face of the ticket inspector, even redder and shinier than when they had first met but now pressed up against the glass of the door that divided the carriages.

Zak immediately picked up on the slight stiffening of her body that had accompanied her realisation.

“Are you OK?” he asked, a light sheen of Faith’s own wetness around his mouth providing a comic foil to his genuinely concerned expression. And strangely enough at that moment she realised that she was. The ticket inspector, pudgy cock in doughy hand had frozen too, aware that he had been caught masturbating. It was her who was in control, her who was calling the shots. Zak’s head was cocked waiting on her nod to indicate whether he should continue. The ticket inspector was probably expecting her to shout, “Pervert!” and chase him from the train vigilante style. However, instead of shouting with indignation at the unexpected intrusion she fixed the shocked man right in the eye and nodded to Zak.

“Please don't stop,” she whispered, then whimpered appreciatively as he lowered his head back to his task. The uniformed man remained mesmerised as Zak continued to lap at her pussy. He was unable to tear his eyes away and she played to his presence, rubbing her hands over her own breasts, squeezing and kneading and pulling her nipples. She could see his pudgy hand moving like a piston up and down, his face at an almost impossible level of redness as he pounded the angry member with complete abandon. It was all the more exciting because Zak had no idea that they were being observed.

However, the ticket inspector’s presence became just a distant extra as Zak sensed her mounting excitement and began to lick her clitoris directly in a strong up and down motion. It was almost too much and instinctively she tried to push his head away however he held firm, applying the delicious pressure as she moaned gently. He deftly eased a finger into her eager pussy and she pushed against it even as the direct licking of her clitoris was almost unbearable

Both the pressure and speed increased and he pushed a second calloused finger into her wet pussy. Her muscles tightened around them and he responded with an edge of brutality by roughly pulling them in and out of her wet slit, twisting them upwards so that they applied delicious pressure to the front of her pelvic wall. She was on the point of orgasm as his fingers pushed harder and harder. When she again caught the eye of the ticket inspector her whole body finally went into spasm, contracting and writhing on the rough seats as she gasped her pleasure, hands wrapped almost cruelly in Zak's shaggy sun bleached hair. She was relieved as she collapsed into a sweaty heap to note that the ticket inspector was gone. They did not see him for the rest of the train journey.

At Georgeton a rumble of thunder sounded in the distance and dark clouds began to converge on the sky. As she waited patiently for Sarah a single drop of rain landed on Faith's nose. At last, the heatwave was to be broken. Very refreshing, she thought, smiling mischievously to herself as she wiped the droplet away, enjoying both the feeling of freedom as she stood without her panties on the platform and the cheery bob of Zak's shaggy blonde head as he strode away from her, one hand in his pocket fingering his sticky souvenir.


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