Dual Motor Vibrators

Can’t decide between clitoral sex toy or a g-spot sex toy? Now you don’t have to, because dual motor vibrators bring you the best of both worlds. These sex toys feature a vibrating shaft for intense internal stimulation plus an external stimulator for clitoral pleasure. While rabbit vibrators refer to one specific type of dual motor sex toy, there are actually a ton of different types of dual motor vibrators - some that simply vibrate, some with a suction function, some that rotate or thrust; there’s just too many to list them all. So scroll down and see the incredible variety of two-motor sex toys available, and order from Vibrators.com to get fast & discreet shipping on any of them!

Dual Motor Vibrators are a type of vibrator that stimulates you internally and externally. They feature a shaft that vibrates, as well as a clitoral stimulator. There are many styles of vibrators, with varying sizes, vibration speeds and textures. Find your perfect vibrator with help from the experts at Vibrators.com.