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The Couchsurfers
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Heat Level: Hot

Sex: Group Sex, Swingers

Jack and Naomi are a loving couple with a thing for their young and sexy house guests, Andreas and Carmen. Carmen seduces Jack while Andreas sets his sights on Naomi. A week of sexual tension culminates in an erotic partner switch and incredibly hot sex.

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Swirling in ecstasy, Naomi hoped her husband was enjoying himself as much as she was. Opening her eyes halfway, she turned and looked over her shoulder towards the other couch. Jack was now on his back, and through her eyelashes she could see Carmen’s form straddling him, bouncing away energetically, her breasts bounding just a half beat behind. Naomi knew Jack was relishing every minute of this.
The Couchsurfers
Jack and Naomi’s latest houseguests were really making themselves at home. It was a warm June morning in San Francisco’s Noe Valley, and Naomi woke early, hoping for a soak in the hot tub before the guests were up. She nudged awake her husband, Jack, and the two crept downstairs with large bath towels in hand.

They needn’t have tiptoed because in the kitchen they came across their Chilean guests, Andreas and Carmen, already up and making breakfast.

“I hope we didn’t wake you,” Andreas smiled. “We thought we’d slice some fruit for breakfast before you two got up. We made coffee, too.”

Naomi looked at Andreas – ten years her junior – standing shirtless, wearing only a form-fitting pair of boxer briefs. He was peeling oranges on the kitchen’s island countertop. His girlfriend, Carmen, was barely dressed, too. Above a little pink pair of boy shorts she sported a thin white t-shirt with a Brazilian soft-drink logo that did little to hide the circles of her dark nipples and their pointed tips.

Naomi thought it brash of the couple to waltz about their hosts’ kitchen half dressed. But she was beginning to appreciate the youthful energy they brought to the house.

Carmen and Andreas were 20-somethings from Chile who were spending the summer traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles. They had found Jack and Naomi through a couchsurfing website that matched travelers looking for an authentic homestay with hosts willing to offer a couch.

Jack and Naomi themselves hoped to couchsurf their way through Spain one day, when they had saved some money for travel. They were married, in their late 30’s – Naomi a tall, smart mediation lawyer with wavy blonde hair, and Jack a general contractor with the build of an outdoorsman. The couple had recently burned through their savings renovating their split-level San Francisco home, so the Pyrenees would have to wait. Until then they were hosting adventurous travelers from all over the world – though none yet as interesting as their current houseguests.

Carmen was 26, with dark features, warm brown skin, shoulder-length black hair, and a tasteful nose stud. She struggled some with her English, but came across as confident and highly sociable. Naomi wondered if the girl’s accent was having an effect on her husband. She knew Jack adored foreign women. Jack had noticed Carmen’s accent, but not as much as her prominent, attention-demanding breasts. Round as cantaloupes, they were always well-presented beneath under-sized t-shirts that molded to her curves like cling-wrap around bowling balls. Yet she seemed unaware of how much her shirt revealed.

Carmen’s boyfriend, Andreas, was a year older, and his thin, round glasses gave him the look of a campus intellectual. His dark, wavy hair had grown a bit unkempt during their travels, and his upper arms looked remarkably strong for someone with a bookish demeanor.

Naomi realized she was evaluating Andreas’s build a little too long, and hurried into the kitchen to help them with breakfast.

“I’ll get some plates for the fruit,” she offered, and opened the cabinet door. As she reached upwards, Naomi felt the kiss of air on the bottom of her ass cheeks. She remembered that she, too, was still in her nightshirt. She instantly felt the eyes of Andreas on her exposed bottom. Or she thought she did; she couldn’t be sure. She wished she’d worn sexier panties than the ones she had on, and then chided herself for having the thought.

For his part, Jack was cradling a mug of coffee in his hands while watching Carmen slice into a guava. Actually, he was watching Carmen’s breasts rise and push together ever so slightly with each movement of her arms. He felt his cock swell some, and worried it might be noticeable through his boxer shorts. Carmen raised her eyes from the cutting board to Jack’s strained underwear, and then caught his gaze; her left cheek lifted and her lips parted into a wry smile, as if to chide him quietly, almost playfully.

“I should get dressed for breakfast,” Jack stammered, and headed up to the bedroom. Carmen barely managed to contain her giggle.


During their six-day stay, the couchsurfers ventured out during the daytime to see the sights of the city and the bay. In the evenings they would bring home food and wine from the neighborhood farmers market and help to cook dinner. As the days progressed, their sensual style and free-spirited natures began to have an effect on Jack and Naomi.

On the third evening, Naomi was sitting alone at the kitchen table paying bills when Carmen finished her shower and came in wearing an elegant, semi-sheer chiffon blouse. Andreas followed and had cleaned up nicely, too, sporting a stylish pair of jeans and a black dress shirt opened several buttons from the top.

Naomi suddenly felt self-conscious about her and Jack’s casual housewear. So when Andreas asked Carmen where she’d put the wine they had bought at the market, Naomi used the opportunity to slip upstairs to the bedroom. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head and tossed it onto the bedspread. It was her favorite shirt to wear around the house but tonight it was making her feel frumpy.

In the wardrobe she leafed through one top after another until she came to the shirts she hadn’t worn for weeks, selecting a low-cut ruched top she knew would dip nicely in front (and could be worn without a bra). Jack would surely notice her sexier dress and wonder about her motive, but then, he was a guy – she knew he’d approve.

In the dining room that night, Naomi passed the salad around while Carmen was telling Jack about the farmers market where they’d bought the wine. Andreas took the bowl from Naomi and she watched him as he served the salad; he seemed to be looking at her the entire time.

Unlike the other morning when she’d had her back to him in the kitchen, Naomi was sure Andreas was looking at her now. Calmly. Intently. But was it more than what’s appropriate? Was he eyeing her up? She thought so, but she couldn’t be sure. The ambiguity of it electrified her.

The dinner conversation moved through wine and travel to Chile and road trips, and no matter who was talking, Andreas’ eyes seemed to always rest on Naomi. The others didn’t seem to notice. And Naomi never felt the need to look away.

Later that night, she shared all this with Jack in bed and asked him if he had noticed. “No, I didn’t,” he confessed. “Actually, I thought Carmen might have been flirting with me. I was going to ask if you saw it too.”

But the next evening, a bottle of Chilean Syrah provided some useful intel.


Carmen was helping Naomi make dinner in the kitchen while Andreas was in the living room writing in his journal. Jack was in the back garden cutting two-by-fours for vegetable boxes. The girls had already started in on the wine – a Chilean red that Andreas had picked up that afternoon.

As Carmen peeled potatoes into the sink, she gazed out the window into the garden.

“Your husband Jack, he is very capable, yes?”

Naomi was brushing a marinade over flank steaks for the barbeque. “Well, he’s handy around the house I guess, yeah.”

“No,” Carmen corrected herself, watching Jack work the saw back and forth. “I mean, he is rugged, and mature. Yes?”

Jack was certainly no sophomore college boy anymore, Naomi thought. He had a contracting business and a mortgage and some pepper-colored hair to show for it. “Yeah, I guess he is.”

“I think he is very sexy. Like Harrison Ford.” Carmen scraped the peels into the compost box. “But please don’t mistake me, I love Andreas. And he’s very … full … in me.” Naomi nearly dropped the bowl of sauce. “But your Jack looks very seasoned. It must be like making love with Indiana Jones,” she cooed. “Is it like that?”

Naomi chuckled to herself. She had never thought of Jack in quite that way, and she found it flattering to hear this young woman talk about her husband like that. Maybe this was normal chit-chat among Chilean women. Or maybe Carmen sensed how open Naomi and Jack were with each other and felt free to share her thoughts.

They continued talking and downing wine together. Half an hour later Jack poked his head through the patio door and saw the girls giggling. “What’s so funny?” he demanded. Naomi replied with a casual, “Nothing, honey. What’s up?”

“Are you ready for me to put the meat on yet?” he asked.

The girls broke out laughing again.


That night, when Jack and Naomi went upstairs to bed, Naomi could hardly restrain herself. She wasted no time on small talk.

She hit the lights, slipped out of her skirt and top, and pushed her husband down on the bed, straddling him at the waist. She reached her arms around her back to remove her bra, and the moonlight coming through the window bathed her bare breasts in an ethereal glow.

Adjusting her hips, Naomi grinded against her husband until she felt his bulge grow through the thin fabric of her panties. She rocked her torso and pressed herself against him, feeling herself grow wet.

“Oh honey, those two downstairs are getting me so hot!” she confessed.

“I know, Jesus,” Jack said. “Those shirts she wears, those perfect breasts shouting, ‘look at me!’ I’m springing a hard-on every time I see them.”

“That Andreas is a lot more subtle, but that’s somehow even worse. It’s like he’s slowly seducing me, bit by bit, without even lifting a finger.”

“I’ll take your word for it, babe. I was too busy trying to eye Carmen’s tits without being too obvious.”

“Well, I sure noticed you peering, Jack. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she did, too.”

Jack pushed his boxers down and could now feel his wife’s wetness against his cock. “You know, Naomi,” Jack’s voice turned suggestive. “A lot of foreign men have fantasies about American women. Especially blonde, American women.” Naomi knew where he was going with this.

“Is that a fact?” she whispered, egging him on and feeling a new tinge of pleasure.

“Yeah,” he continued. “Andreas has a hot young girlfriend, but I bet he wants you, Naomi, wants to run his fingers through your blonde hair while he buries his hungry, Latin cock in you.”

It had been a while since the couple had talked dirty to each other like this. It felt long overdue.

Naomi dismounted and lay down on the bed, her head near her husband’s cock.

“Well Jack,” she began, “I think Carmen would love nothing better than to get a piece of you before they leave.” She circled her thumb and index finger around his hard length. I bet she has a thing for older men – falls for their maturity, their ruggedness. I think if she had you in the flesh, she’d probably do anything to please you.”

“Oh, really?” Jack pressed.

“Mmhmm. She’d probably take you right where you’re standing, unzip your pants, look up at you with her innocent eyes and say, in that Chilean accent of hers, ‘Do you mind if I remove your cock now, Jack, and suck it for you?’ And she wouldn’t wait for an answer, she’d just slip it into her mouth and go to work on it.”

Naomi did just that, lowering her mouth down over Jack’s cock, as if her lips belonged to Carmen. Naomi alternated between oral sex and verbal torture. “I’ve seen her look at you. I can tell she wants to wrap those thick red lips around you and just, just … milk your cock with her mouth until you start spurting down her throat.”

Her two-pronged strategy worked – when Jack finally flipped Naomi over on all fours and buried himself inside her, he felt huge in her. Her teasing had engorged him beyond his normal girth. His thrusts drove her shoulders into the mattress and her cheek pressed hard against the pillow.

Closing her eyes, she let herself imagine that what she had eyed through Andreas’s underwear that first morning in the kitchen was now freed, hard, and inside her.

Naomi’s moans soon arrived, but louder and more desperate than Jack had ever heard from her. “They’ll hear you downstairs,” he warned.

“I don’t care,” Naomi panted, and her mouth opened wide in ecstasy. Each of his poundings brought her closer to the brink, and her shaking knees struggled to hold her pussy up to receive them. She came just in time, her orgasm triggering Jack’s own climax, and for a few seconds there was nothing else in the world but his pulsing cock and her gasping cunt.

She collapsed onto the sheets in exhaustion before Jack had fully finished, his last streams of come landing hot on the skin of her bottom.

Sweaty and spent, Naomi felt no guilt for imagining it was Andreas fucking her. In fact, when she caught her breath she’d probably tell Jack that’s why she came so hard. Still, she did keep one secret from Jack that night.

She didn’t tell him that all those provocative words about Carmen’s lust were more than just sexy bedroom talk. Thanks to the Chilean Syrah earlier that night, she knew all about Carmen’s desire for Jack – she had described it to Naomi word for word.


On Friday evening, Jack and Naomi were still on a high from the last night’s fun but were stuck at a work-related reception at Naomi’s law firm. She wanted to be there even less than he did, though neither one voiced their boredom.

Two hours in, Naomi’s boss hadn’t stood up to make her remarks yet when she squeezed Jack’s hand and said, “Let’s sneak out of here.”

“I like your thinking,” Jack answered. “What do you have in mind? You know, we could put a porno movie on tonight in our bedroom. One of the ones you like, of course. Just throwing that out there.”

Naomi simply smiled and the two slipped out the back and drove home. As they climbed the stairs from their garage up to the main floor, Jack heard music filtering down and guessed the Chileans were having a fun night. But he couldn’t have known just how much until he opened the door and rounded the corner into the living room.

He stopped dead in his tracks upon seeing Carmen on the living room couch, facing him, topless.

Her lower torso was hidden by the back of the couch, but her top half, including those spherical breasts and dark nipples he had only yet seen through clothing, was on full display in front of both of them.

Andreas was nowhere to be seen. The lights had been dimmed and an iPhone was pulsing club music through the stereo speakers. They soon realized Carmen must have been fully naked when they saw a pair of panties on the couch’s backrest, and near those, the top of Andreas’s head. Carmen must have been riding him right up to the second the couple appeared in the living room.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry,” Carmen stammered, “I, ahh, we …”

“Uhh, hi,” came Andreas’s voice from somewhere under Carmen. Any excuse from the couple at this point would have been comical.

Despite her apparent surprise, Carmen did not grab a seat cushion and cover her chest. She sat there poised, back straight, breasts bare. Much to Jack’s growing delight.

“Should we, uhhhm . . . put clothes on?” she finally asked. Only the beats from the speakers masked the awkward silence.

Jack was still speechless. Standing next to him, Naomi was smiling, seemingly in full control of the situation. “There’s no reason to cover yourselves for us.”

Carmen looked between Naomi and Jack. And then she closed her eyes. Slowly, she resumed riding Andreas again, lifting her torso, arching her back and biting her lower lip, before gradually lowering herself back down onto Andreas. Their hosts stood watching.

She continued riding him slowly, sensually, unashamedly in front of her hosts, before opening her eyes again and setting them onto Jack with a new look of purpose. She began fucking Andreas faster, gradually approaching the rhythm of the music, all the while keeping her eyes locked with Jack’s.

Naomi put her hand in the small of her husband’s back and nudged him forward towards Carmen until he was standing at the back of the couch directly in front of her. He looked back to his wife to gauge her intent. He’d known Naomi for many years and on her face he read amusement, excitement, and longing.

Carmen leaned forward, fumbled with the buttons on Jack’s shirt, and bared his chest, her fingers running through the hair between his well-defined pecs even as her body bucked atop Andreas’s cock. Underneath, on his back, Andreas could only see Carmen’s arms extending beyond the couch, pulling Jack closer to her so her lips reached his nipples and her fingers grasped the waistband of his slacks.

In four deft moves Carmen had his belt undone and his fly wide open. The weight of his belt made his pants drop to the floor. She reached into the waistband of his boxers and pulled his stiff cock out, and as her cunt slid up Andreas’s shaft again, her mouth slipped down over Jack’s erection. She grabbed the back of the couch for leverage and then sat all the way down onto Andreas, both cocks all hers for the moment.

Naomi enjoyed watching Carmen indulge herself, and she walked to the other side of the couch to kneel down next to Andreas for a closer look. She was eager to see his cock, up close, fully aroused, and in action.

Carmen raised herself up again, slowly this time, revealing more of Andreas’s member to Naomi’s hungry eyes, inch by glorious inch. Carmen paused at the very top, keeping only the bulbous head inside her, the rest of his shaft on full display: thick, rigid, and glistening with Carmen’s juices.

Naomi couldn’t help but reach out to touch it. She wrapped her smooth, long fingers around the base, and when she had a good hold, Carmen dropped back down on it, her cunt swallowing his cock again and her pussy lips pressing hard against Naomi’s hand, soaking her fingers with her warm drippings.

Jack’s head was buzzing in pleasure, his eyes savoring the sight of this young buxom woman taking him deeply in her mouth even as her boyfriend was filling her cunt from below. For his part, Andreas was happy being used however the women wanted.

The music on the stereo changed to a slower, India-style beat. Carmen lifted her pussy off of Andreas, grasped his slick cock with both hands, and turned towards Naomi.

“Would you like this now?” she asked, as innocently as if she were offering a lollipop. Naomi’s heart jumped, realizing the young man’s shaft might soon be inside her. Her mind was unsure but her head nodded yes.

Carmen released Andreas and turned her attention to orally pleasing the “older man” she had coveted all week.

Naomi stood up, unsure how to proceed. She felt somehow naked, even though – or because – she was the only one of the four still clothed. So she unzipped the back of her dress, pulled it off her shoulders, gave it a tug and let it fall to the floor around her ankles. No panties needed removing – she had worn none that night. She looked over to find Jack watching her with an interested grin.

Naomi trickled with pleasure at what was unfolding. It was the kind of thrilling fantasy that had fueled the couple’s bedroom talk off and on for two years. And now they were living it together, in the flesh, with their sizzling houseguests, feeding off each other’s excitement.

Andreas had already removed his glasses, and seemed to her in the moment to resemble a star from some Brazilian soap opera. But naked. His sizeable shaft was pointing at her with bold intent. She certainly wanted it. No, craved it. But she wanted Andreas to come to her.

She walked towards the opposite couch, climbed up onto the cushions, and crawled slowly along the length of it while looking back at Andreas. He followed. She was being pursued like the prey she wanted to be. Coming to a rest on all fours, her forearms against the side cushion, she felt thoroughly submissive.

Naomi lowered her face against the cushion with her cunt in the air, just like she had done for Jack last night. And closed her eyes.

She soon felt his presence behind her; Andreas knelt between her legs, and pressed the head of his cock between her warm, slippery lips.

“Mmmph,” she let slip. He felt big, every bit as big as she’d imagined. But she easily parted for his confident manhood; in two strokes he was deep inside her.

He started slow, wanting his hostess to burn with even more desire for him. Naomi had never felt so full; Andreas seemed to take up more space in her than there was, as if nothing else existed besides his penis within her. And still, she wanted more.

Andreas delivered long and deep strokes, building up a steady pace. He loved the powerful feeling of taking a woman from behind, but taking this bright, blonde Californian who had flirted with him all through dinner the other night was something else.

Swirling in ecstasy, Naomi hoped her husband was enjoying himself as much as she was. Opening her eyes halfway, she turned and looked over her shoulder towards the other couch. Jack was now on his back, and through her eyelashes she could see Carmen’s form straddling him, bouncing away energetically, her breasts bounding just a half beat behind. Naomi knew Jack was relishing every minute of this.

Her attention whipped back to Andreas behind her. His size and thrusting finally overwhelmed her, sparking a powerful orgasm that radiated to the tip of every last toe and finger. In another minute he came too, and the pulsing within her nearly felt like her own second orgasm.

They both crumpled down onto the soft cushions, her young houseguest still throbbing inside her deliciously.

She lay deep in bliss, semi-conscious, until a few minutes later when she heard Carmen’s rising moans and screams and some unintelligible cries in Spanish, and she and Jack then finished in a tangle of glistening flesh.

When they all came around, they sat up against the cushions, naked and satiated. Jack joked, “It’s a good thing Naomi’s office party was so dull or we might have got home after you two had finished.”

Andreas added, “And it’s good Carmen didn’t wait until you had both gone to bed before taking her clothes off and tackling me.”

Carmen and Naomi looked at each other and burst out laughing at their men’s naiveté. They still thought their little foursome had happened by accident.

But Carmen and Naomi had timed things well. In fact, at the office party Naomi had been surprised that Jack hadn’t noticed her checking her watch every five minutes.

But Naomi figured the guys didn’t need to know just yet.

The next morning, as the four of them were kissing their farewells, the couchsurfers made their hosts an offer, which they accepted. Jack and Naomi still hoped to make it to Spain one day, but they immediately agreed that their next trip would be a homestay in Chile.


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