Free Erotica: Butterflies at Dinner

Butterflies at Dinner
executive summary
Heat Level: Medium

Sex: Straight, Remote vibrating panties

You and I are going out to dinner with a business associate and his wife. You are my handsome, daring husband, and I am your willing wife. Shall we do it in front of everyone at the expensive restaurant? No, let's be a bit more surreptitious and classy than that. It will still be fun, I promise you.

hot facts

Drinks and food are ordered, and the conversation turns to the usual, a mix of business maneuverings and small talk. You have seated me next to Lydia, so we discuss the usual girl stuff as you two move to more technical discussion.

Suddenly, a soft vibration in my panties makes me jump a bit. Lydia pauses for a second in her dialog, noticing.

"Oh, I am sorry," I say. I just got a bit of a chill. Please, go on."
Butterflies at Dinner
Tonight I am dressed in a slim black skirt with a loose red silk top tucked in to show my slender waist. My legs are covered in very sheer black stockings and I have on my black heels. I look classy and professional for a meeting with one of your business associates.

I am always happy to be there with you, on your arm, smiling and putting everyone at ease, but tonight is different. I am actually looking forward to a long evening of dry, scientific talk.

I am just misting a last spray of perfume as you walk into the bedroom. It takes my breath away to see you dressed for a business evening out. You cut quite a figure in your suit. Because tonight is not formal, you have left off the tie and your top button is open, a favorite look of mine.

You walk up behind me as I put on my earrings. You hold me close, pressing your body against my back and nuzzling my neck. I catch your eye in the mirror. You spin me around to face you, and give me a deep kiss, your hands roaming my body.

"It's time to go. Are you ready?" you ask.

"Yes. More than ready."

You smile in that mischievous way you have, and I melt a little inside. As we are walking out the door, you check your pockets, making sure you have everything you need for the evening.

Idle chatter focuses on sly compliments and innuendo on the way to pick up your associate. Once he and his lovely date are in the car, talk becomes the sort of small talk that includes everyone, but I keep my hand on your arm as you drive, making gentle contact.

We arrive at the restaurant, and I am impressed. I knew this man was important, but this place is really posh. As we are shown to our table you murmur in my ear, "I have always wanted to bring you here." I smile and caress your hip as you seat me.

Drinks and food are ordered, and the conversation turns to the usual, a mix of business maneuverings and small talk. You have seated me next to Lydia, so we discuss the usual girl stuff as you two move to more technical discussion.

Suddenly, a soft vibration in my panties makes me jump a bit. Lydia pauses for a second in her dialog, noticing.

"Oh, I am sorry," I say. "I just got a bit of a chill. Please, go on."

Lydia continues her chatter about the spa she went to today and you catch my eye. You give me a knowing smile, and lay both hands on the table. I was wondering when you would make use of the wireless remote you have in your pocket, and now I know. You have set it on the lowest level, and now you are leaving it to gently tease me as you continue your discussion.

You are a wicked, wicked man, and I smile. Lydia thinks it is in response to her story and continues at a faster clip.

As the appetizers arrive, our paired conversations stop for a bit as we all sample and exclaim over the food.

The constant light stimulation on my clit is really beginning to make me feel a bit warm, and I know my eyes are getting bright, the way you always tell me they do when I am aroused. I uncross and recross my legs and as I do, I feel your hand caress me quickly under the tablecloth.

"So how did you two meet?" I am startled. Apparently Lydia is interested in our relationship. I wonder if we are giving the game away.

You chuckle and say "That is a funny story, I'll let Heather tell it." I shoot you an exasperated look, for we both know perfectly well that how we met is not something discussed over a business dinner. I launch into my well-rehearsed edited and polished version, and you smile indulgently.

Out of the corner of my eye I see your hand stealing to your pocket, but I am still not quite ready when I feel the vibrations increase then decrease in a pulsing rhythm. I am ready enough not to give the game away, but my body is responding, and I can feel my juices beginning to pool inside of me.

I end my story and Lydia says "Oh, you tell a wonderful story. You two must be very happy." I mumble some vague assurances (I can't quite tell you what, exactly), and I am glad that dinner arrives just then. You lower the pulsing of the butterfly to a steady medium speed now, to tantalize me through dinner.

It is a lifesaver that the food here is so astonishingly good. I could not carry on a witty conversation right now if I had to. The buzzing of the butterfly against me is a constant sensation in the back of my mind.

As the dinner plates are cleared away and desert is ordered, the level of vibration goes up one more notch. I know from previous experimentation that it is not yet as high as it can go, but I am still squirming a bit in my seat. Except for trying the Butterfly on at home to make sure that we know how it works, we have never played with it, and certainly not for so long.

You make eye contact and wink.

"I hope you will excuse us for a few moments. I see someone we know well, and would like to say hello, if that is OK? Can you two keep yourselves out of trouble?"

Jack and Lydia assure you that they will be fine, and glance at each other. The mood must be catching, I think to myself. They don't look like they will mind being left alone at all.

You help me up, and take my arm to guide me through the restaurant to a door in one wall, sort of out of sight. You open it and pull me through into a dark room, your hands immediately going to my body, one on my breast as you press me against the wall, the other sliding up my thigh.

I open myself to your kiss, and let go of any concern. You must know this restaurant well, and I know you would never do this if you thought we would be caught. Business is too important for you.

As our tongues dance together, I feel your finger press against my soaked panties. You moan into my mouth then say "You are so hot and wet. Oh, I want to take you right here."

Your hand leaves my breast and I feel the vibration speed up to the highest setting. I begin to shiver a bit as you slip your finger around the leg if my lace knickers and slide it smoothly inside me.

You rock your finger back and forth inside me, "I want you to cum for me right now," you command and I obey.

The pressure that has been building all night is released, I cum quietly, shivering on your hand as you suck at my mouth passionately. As my shuddering slows, the vibration is turned down to the lowest setting again, which is more than enough to keep me charged.

You remove your finger, moving my panties back into place, and bring your finger to my lips. You trace my lips with my juices, then lean forward to suck them off of me.

You step back and put your finger to your mouth, sucking it clean as you adjust yourself.

"The sooner we get back to the table and have dessert, the sooner we will be able to have some real fun."

We return to the table, and I can tell that our companions did not even miss us. They seem quite absorbed in a naughty discussion of their own. Dessert arrives, but I can't say for sure what it is or what we speak about. I am in a reverie, just thinking of really getting my hands on you.

The drive to drop off Jack and Lydia is filled with useless but polite chatter. The two of them cannot keep their hands still in the backseat, although they are trying to be polite. My hand rests on your arm, as I try to focus with the buzzing between my legs driving me to distraction.

We all say our goodnights with hugging and hand shaking. We have made friends this evening, and I hope that means positive things for your business.

We leave for home, and I move my hand over your thigh to feel your hard length as you drive. I am surprised when you make an unexpected turn and pull into a small park. You move your seat back as far as it will go, and you reach for me with one hand.

"Fuck me now, I can't wait. I am so hard for you."

Your other hand is freeing your gorgeous cock from your pants as I slide over the center console to sit on your lap, raising my skirt, pulling aside my panties and lowering myself onto you.

One hand comes to rest on my hip, while the other turns up the butterfly, then moves to my other hip. Gently, you begin to set the rhythm, lifting me up and pulling me down while you rotate your hips subtly, filling me and massaging my inner walls with your movements. I can feel my panties brush against you with every thrust, as they pull away from my body and follow you back.

I gasp, nearly ready to slide over the edge, but you stop me.

"I want you to hold off. I am not far, and I want you to come with me. Don't come until I say. OK, baby?"

"Yes." It is all I can do to get even that word out.

There is something deliciously wicked about having needy sex in the car like this, and it really adds to the pleasure. As you continue to set the pace, going a little faster now, I begin to clench my pussy muscles on your cock.

I feel you jerk inside me, and you stab into me even more deeply. I know that you are about to let go, and I wait for your command. Holding back is sweet agony, but I want to come with you as badly as I want to follow your instructions.

"Cum with me!" It bursts out of you with your first load. I barely have time to think and I am gushing over you in time with your spasms. Oh God, it is so good. You pull me against you, still thrusting into me and holding me close as our orgasms recede.

Suddenly, your phone beeps with a text message. Keeping one arm around me, you first reach into your pocket to turn off the butterfly. I completely relax then, melting into you.

Next, you pull out your phone to check your message.

"We got it." No more needs to be said. This evening was successful on every level. I wonder if the sexual energy had anything to do with Jack's decision, but I am sure we will never know.

We relax and enjoy the night as we cool off before we head home. As I am drowsing on the way home, I think that we need to use the butterfly again.