Wand Vibrators

Wand Vibrators are one of the most popular types of clitoral vibrators in the world, and for good reason! Unlike Bullet Vibrators which aim to be small and compact, Wand vibrators are quite large - in fact, some are easily mistaken for G-spot vibrators because of their size and shape. But make no mistake, Wand Vibrators are clitoral sex toys, and the length is there to help you easily maneuver and position the vibrating head for optimal clitoral stimulation. If you’re looking for a powerful vibrator, wand vibrators are some of the absolute most powerful sex toys in the world. Take a look at all the wonderful wands below, and order now from Vibrators.com for fast & discreet shipping! This page also includes an assortment of attachments for wand vibrators which can increase their functionality.