Despite the name Vibrators.com, not every sex toy for sale here vibrates. In fact, plenty of customers agree that many of the new features on some of the more luxurious or unique sex toys are unnecessary, and nothing beats a good old-fashioned dildo. If you’re looking for a dildo in a specific size, find it on the chart above or browse below for an even wider selection of dildos in various sizes and colors, as well as other non-vibrating sex toys. If you’re looking for a realistic dildo, a long dildo, a short dildo, a suction cup dildo, or even a vibrating dildo, you’ll find it here. To make it even easier to pick out the perfect dildo, all dildos on this page are listed in order of length!
At Vibrators.com, we carry several types of dildos. How do dildos differ? They differ in length and girth, first of all. They also differ in material and construction—some dildos are flexible enough to bend and hit your G-spot, while others are rigid and firm for more powerful penetration. Dildos can be made out of rubber, latex, jelly, PVC, Cyberskin, Pyrex, or steel. Different materials impart vastly different sensations. Some dildos are harness compatible, whereas some are made with a large handle-like base. Some dildos are shaped to look just like a penis. Other dildos are shaped more like wands, and have two textured ends for two different pleasure options. Check out our dildo collection to see which style is best for you.