Free Erotica: Oasis

executive summary
Heat Level: Medium

Sex: Straight, Car sex

Jace has been overseas for a few months and Kylie has missed him terribly. But he’s back now, fresh off the plane, and they are both anxious to rekindle their red-hot affair. They literally cannot wait to get home and start in on each other. Literally. So they use the car as their Love Motel until they can keep their hands off each other long enough to drive home.

hot facts

"I want more than a blowjob," he said, and she scrambled out of the door. The cold night air was a bracing shock after the warmth of the car and she scurried into the back seat where she reached for Jace again.

He pulled her roughly into his lap and she found herself straddling his thighs. They were hard with muscle and she rubbed against him sensuously, enjoying the feel of the denim against the soft skin of her inner thighs. She held his cock between her hands gently for a moment and then she rose up on her knees, one hand on his shoulder to steady herself, the other around his cock to guide it in.
The arrivals gate was quiet at 3 a.m. There was a short string of taxis lurking at the curb and a smaller handful of cars scattered among them. In her blue Honda Civic, Kylie tapped her fingers against the steering wheel impatiently, resisting the urge to reach for her phone and text Jace a quick message.

Instead she thought about their freshly-made bed and how wonderful it would feel to have him in it again. They had made do over the last few months with steamy texts and hot phone calls, but all of that had merely sharpened her appetite rather than satisfying it.

People started coming from the gate, and from the middle of a clump of businessmen, tourists, and other tired travelers, Kylie saw Jace wave to her.

In worn jeans and a wrinkled dress shirt, he looked more like an absent-minded professor than the security expert he was. His rumpled hair and glasses threw people off; most would never guess at the lean muscle and fighting form beneath the clothes.

Kylie popped the trunk for his duffel and then waited impatiently until he had stowed his bag and got in the car. He opened his mouth to say “Hello,” only to find that speaking was completely impossible when Kylie threw her arms around him and muffled his words with her lips.

They kissed long enough for the airport security guard to rap on the window. Blushing, Kylie pulled away from the arrivals gate.

“So I guess ‘did you miss me’ is a dumb question at this point?” asked Jace, a ridiculously satisfied smile on his face.

“Beyond dumb,” she retorted, pulling onto the highway.

“So what have you got planned?”

“Planned?” Kylie asked innocently. “It’s 3 a.m. or don’t you remember?”

“Yeah, but its not even dinner time yet in Kolkata. I could be up for hours.”

“Well, maybe we could think of something to do when we get home.” Kylie grinned, thinking again of their bed.

They drove in silence for a few minutes, Kylie steering with one hand while holding Jace’s hand tightly with the other. They came up on a rest stop oasis by the side of the road, the kind with restrooms, vending machines and not much more, and Jace pointed it out.

“Hey, mind stopping for a minute?”

When Kylie pulled into the deserted parking lot, she had barely taken the key from the ignition when she found herself tugged into a deep kiss. Jace slid his tongue gently between her lips, and startled, she sucked on it before pulling back.

“I thought you wanted food or something?”

“I never actually said that.”

That was all the warning she got before he slid one hand underneath her shirt, skimming his rough palm over the sensitive skin of her belly. He palmed her breast through her bra before dipping his fingers into the lacy cup. Her nails dug into his shoulders as he pinched her nipple gently, making it tighten under his touch.

“Been a while since we fooled around in the car,” he murmured, pressing his face to the crook of her neck. She could feel his warm breath against her skin and she unfastened her seat belt to get closer to him.

Kylie thought for a wistful moment about their bed, just fifteen minutes away, and then he nibbled her neck and she found that she cared less about clean sheets and fluffed pillows than the way his lips felt on her sensitive skin.

“Oh, I missed you, baby,” he murmured. “Thought about you every night.”

“Oh?” Kylie said teasingly. She reached down between his legs to squeeze the bulge she found there.

“Are you sure that was all you were doing?”

He groaned when she touched him so intimately and she felt his hips buck under her hand. Kylie teased him for a few moments, stroking him until his breath came harsh and ragged through his clenched teeth. Delicately she pulled his zipper down and pushed her fingers inside the denim and fabric, seeking and finding his hard, taut flesh.

“Fucking hell, Kylie,” Jace groaned. “You’re driving me crazy...”

“Well I’m sure I don’t want that,” Kylie said with a grin.

There was just enough room for her to lean over the console panel, putting her head on his lap. Languidly, she pulled his cock free of his clothes, and for several long moments, she ran her kitten-pink tongue up and down the length. She had missed him so much, but now that she had him back, all she seemed to want to do was torture him.

Kylie could hear his breath, low and controlled, and though he tangled one hand in her hair, he didn’t push her. Instead he held himself almost brutally tense as she teased and taunted him with her tongue, relishing the taste and the feel of him on her lips.

Finally, she took pity on him and without giving any warning at all, she closed her lips delicately around the tip of his cock, swiping up the drop of pre-cum there and suckling lightly.

This drew an audible groan from Jace and his hand tightened deliciously in her hair. She could feel how much he wanted her, but she still wanted to play. She circled the head of his cock with her tongue, occasionally dipping lower and pulling more of his shaft into her mouth, but always retreating to tease the tip.

Jace draped his arm over her back, his large hand landing on her rear, and she purred in surprise when he rubbed the sensitive area roughly. In the space of a few moments, he had her hips moving up and down in time to his experienced touch, and that was before she felt him start to pull her skirt up.

The air was cool enough that she gasped her skin was suddenly bared, and then she heard Jace’s surprised laugh when he discovered that was nothing but her own sweet flesh underneath the thin fabric of her skirt.

“Oh, bad girl,” he signed, trailing his fingers along her crack. His handling and the simple taste of him in her mouth made her wet and she couldn’t seem to stop squirming.

In response, she swallowed him straight down her throat, taking most of his length in her mouth. For a moment, she thought that he would spill at that very instant, but then he wrestled himself back under control, swearing softly under his breath.

She looked up when he tugged her hair gently, and was rewarded by a hard kiss over her swollen lips. It was almost painful, but she threw her arms around his neck, kissing him back just as fiercely.

He broke the kiss long enough to jerk a thumb towards the backseat.

“I want more than a blowjob,” he said, and she scrambled out of the door. The cold night air was a bracing shock after the warmth of the car and she scurried into the back seat where she reached for Jace again.

He pulled her roughly into his lap and she found herself straddling his thighs. They were hard with muscle and she rubbed against him sensuously, enjoying the feel of the denim against the soft skin of her inner thighs. She held his cock between her hands gently for a moment and then she rose up on her knees, one hand on his shoulder to steady herself, the other around his cock to guide it in.

“Oh, fucking hell,” he groaned. His hands were on her hips, guiding her down, and she could feel the tension lacing his frame and the way he had to keep himself from rocking up into her.

She lowered herself slowly, loving the way he tensed underneath her. There was so much restrained strength in him, and she knew how much it cost him to keep still.

“That’s good,” she whispered. “That’s so, so good, sweetheart.”

Kylies stopped when he was fully seated inside her, sighing with pleasure at being filled. For a moment, she simply savored the feeling, and then Jace’s hand cupped her chin and lifted her face up.

“I have missed you so fucking much,” he murmured and he pulled her close for a deep kiss. His tongue pushed inside her mouth just as his cock pushed inside her cunt and even that slight movement sent shivers of pleasure through her body.

“Show me,” she said, her voice catching when he shifted against her just right. “Show me how you want me.”

His eyes darkened at her invitation and he took a tighter grip on her hips. She heard him growl with pleasure at the feel of her, and then he started to thrust up into while bringing her down on him at the same time. He was strong, almost terrifyingly so, and she felt like a doll in his grasp, a toy to be used precisely as Jace pleased.

Kylie’s fingers dug hard into Jace’s shoulders, steadying herself as he moved her. She was wet enough that he moved easily; she could smell her own arousal and it made her even more wild. She started moving with him, bringing herself down on him hard and making them both moan.

Her pleasure swelled and rocked her body, and she realized that she was moaning his name over and over again. She wanted more and more, and the pleasure drew tight like a rope, taut, aching, nearly painful with how much she simply wanted.

She was startled when he took her hand in his, kissing it lightly before bringing it between her legs.

“Show me,” Jace growled. His voice was barely controlled, and she knew how close he was.

“Show me what you did for yourself all those nights when you were missing me.”

Kylie pushed her skirt aside and shifted so that she could touch herself. Her quick fingers stroked the top of her slit carefully for a moment before pushing deeper and finding her tender clit. She pressed two fingers hard to either side of the sensitive bud before circling it roughly. Her cries grew higher, even more desperate.

“Come on, baby,” she heard Jace say, “come on...You want to so bad.”

She arched higher and higher, and then she felt Jace’s lips at her throat, biting and sucking hard enough to to startle a yelp out of her. That little bit of pain and pleasure pushed her straight over the top, and then she was convulsing on top of him, pressing a finger hard against her own clit to make the sensations draw out farther and farther.

Jace’s hands clenched on her hips even harder and he drove up into her one final time, filling her and making her groan. She tightened around him purposefully, and then they were both clinging to each other, panting and hot underneath their clothes.

Jace recovered first, feathering soft kisses along her jawline and her neck. She murmured sleepily in response and then she felt his fingers stroke along the sensitive place at the base of her neck where he had bitten.

“That’s going to be one hell of a hickey tomorrow,” he said, his voice low.\\\\

Kylie laughed breathlessly, covering his hand with her own.

“I don’t care,” she said softly. “I want to show it off.”

He was still inside her, though softening, and she gently lifted herself off of him. He hissed as she did so, and then he set her on the seat beside him. Jace kept one arm looped around her and she snuggled against his comforting bulk.

“Well, welcome home,” she said, a smile playing on her lips.

“Thank you,” he replied. “I suppose we ought to get going. We’re lucky the highway patrol didn’t stop to see what the hell we were doing.”

Kylie’s laugh turned into a purr when Jace’s hand came up to stroke her face.

“Lucky us,” she said lazily. “Lucky us getting to screw in the car at a rest stop like horny teenagers when there’s a bed waiting for us at home.”

“It’s hard to wait when I can touch you, when I can smell you,” Jace murmured, leaning down to put his mouth right next to her ear. His warm breath made her heart beat a little faster, and she pressed her legs together, relishing how easily she responded to his voice, his touch, and his breath.

“We need to get home at some point,” she said, her voice husky, and he brushed his fingertips over her breast, making the nipple rise up proudly against his touch.

“At some point,” he agreed. “Some time before dawn, definitely.”

“Weren’t you just the one telling me that we needed to get back before we got the highway patrol knocking on our rather steamy window?”

“A few more minutes won’t hurt,” Jace said reassuringly, and she would have protested if Jace hadn’t pulled her skirt up around her waist again.

This time, he was slow and patient, tracing aimless patterns on her bare thighs and teasing them apart. The steamed windows gave them the illusion of privacy and Kylie sighed and relaxed into his touch, letting him do as he pleased.

He shifted behind her so that he could more easily touch her body. One arm looped around her waist while the other teased up and down the sensitive flesh of her legs. She held her breath when he slid his fingers through the wetness that still slicked her inner thighs, traveling higher and higher until he brushed against the lips of her cunt.

“Oh...” she murmured brokenly and just when she was ready to lift her hips up to his questing touch, he stopped.

“Well,” he said briskly, “Let’s get back on the road.”

She twisted around to stare at him in disbelief, only to find a hungry grin on his face.

“You can’t be serious.”

“I just thought I’d give you something to keep the ride home interesting,” he said innocently, and she might protested if he hadn’t pulled her close for a deep warm kiss.

“Just another fifteen minutes,” he whispered. “Just that, and we’ll be at home and in bed.”

“Just another fifteen minutes,” she agreed, and she happily gave up on getting any sleep at all.


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