Free Erotica: Peaches 'n Cream

Peaches 'n Cream
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Heat Level: Hot

Sex: Straight, Sexy food, Light B&D

This erotic food story, combined with a touch of light bondage, is fairly hot stuff. The prose is as tight and wet as a... well, you get the idea. Unfortunately, it suffers serious construction problems right in the middle. The author probably thought the deliberate change was justified and executed properly. He was wrong. But attempting to fix the problem would mean losing what's good about this dirty little story. So be like us. Stop worrying and start enjoying.

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Sitting on the edge of the bed facing me, she spread her knees wide, giving me an unobstructed view of her freshly shaven mound. That sight alone was enough to make my cock stand at attention in anticipation. She let her fingers trail over the outer lips of her pussy, lightly stroking, gently touching herself.


Enraptured, he gazed at the fruit, watching it ease between her lips, slowly disappearing inside her body. Inch by inch, until it was almost completely inside of her - he watched. He licked his lips, wanting desperately to taste her, to taste the sweetness of the banana after being inside of his lover.
Peaches 'n Cream
"Hey...I have a most interesting game to play tonight," Melanie said in her most seductive voice. "Do you want to play? It would mean you have to do just as I say, when I say it - no questions asked."

And thus began the most exciting sexual experience of my life. You know the old saying "curiosity killed the cat"? Well, I'm the proverbial cat, and my damnable curiosity almost killed me that night! Oh, but what a way to die - a man could not ask for a more pleasurably slow death.

"Come with me," Melanie said as she led the way to the bedroom. "There is something in here I want to show you."

So, naturally, I followed. In the bedroom, she had both of the bedside lamps on, casting a soft glow across the bed where a towel was covering something, I couldn't tell what. She had moved an armchair to the middle of the floor, near the bed. Under the chair, I could see a coil of thin rope - my mind reeled at the possibilities - little did I know that rope was meant for me.

"Take off all of your clothes and sit in this chair."

When I did as she bid, she reached under the chair and took the rope in her hand. Very efficiently, she bound me to the chair. Three loops around my wrists had me trussed securely to the chair's armrests.

Casting a cunning smile in my direction, she slowly began to remove her clothes. White t-shirt first, followed by her tight blue jeans - standing before me, clad only in her lacy white bra and matching panties, she painted a most seductive picture. Melanie reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them over her slim hips into a puddle of white silk around her ankles.

Naked, Melanie walked over to the bed and threw back the towel, revealing an assortment of unusual items: a vibrator, a wedge of peach, and a small basket of strawberries.

"What are you going to do with all that stuff, Mel?" I asked.

"Oh, I'm going to do all sorts of things, just you wait and see."

Sitting on the edge of the bed facing me, she spread her knees wide, giving me an unobstructed view of her freshly shaven mound. That sight alone was enough to make my cock stand at attention in anticipation. She let her fingers trail over the outer lips of her pussy, lightly stroking, gently touching herself.

Capturing my gaze with her hypnotic eyes, she let one of her fingers dip between the lips of her pussy and slid it all the way in. I watched her bite her lower lip as that finger began to slide in and out, coating itself with her delectable juices. Imagine my stunned reaction when she took that finger out of herself and slid it into her mouth. Her tongue was waiting anxiously to lick that finger clean. I could feel my dick throbbing as I watched her.

After licking her finger clean, Melanie reached behind her for one of the items on the bed. Picking up a wedge of a peach, I watched as she slid her tongue over the fruit, savoring the sweet flavor. I couldn't take my eyes off of her as she slid that peach down her body, around her breast and over a nipple, the cool fruit making it pucker and beg for my tongue to warm it. Down her stomach and over her thigh, the peach continued its erotic journey only to find its destination between her legs.

Her head fell back and her breathing quickened as she rubbed the peach across her wet pussy. Allowing it to dip inside her wetness, coating the fruit with her juice. I could only imagine how delicious it would taste right about now. She found her clit and stroked it slowly, teasingly, enjoying the sensation of the wet, sticky peach rubbing against her.

Holding my eyes with her hypnotic gaze, I watched as she raised the peach to her mouth and took a bite from it. I could see a tiny drop of juice fall from it onto her naked breast and roll to the tip of her nipple before falling away into oblivion.

Rising from the bed, Melanie made her way over to me, offering me a bite. Sensational flavor flooded my mouth. The combination of peach juice and my lover's pussy juice was something to enjoy slowly, to savor for eternity.

Laughing quietly, she went back to the bed only to choose a ripe red strawberry from the basket. Curling her hand around it, she resumed her position in front of me. No roaming did the strawberry do. It found its place between her legs right away. With no hesitation, she slid it into herself, the rough fruit rubbing the walls of her pussy, creating incredible friction as she stroked it in and out. I, her willing captive audience, watched as she fucked herself with this strawberry, knowing I would never eat another strawberry without thinking of her.

"That's it, baby" fuck yourself with it - slide it in and out - now rub your clit with it," I murmured to her, excitement evident in my voice, my cock waving proudly, aching for a touch. "Does that feel good?"

"Mmm, yes it does - this feels sooo good, you have no idea." She moaned softly. "I don't want to ever stop doing this, but I want my vibrator now. Would you like a bite of this? It tastes so very good." Rising off the bed, she approached me, holding out her offering to my waiting mouth. Gliding the strawberry across my lip before allowing me to take a large bite, the flavor of the succulent fruit mixing with her own juices was almost overwhelming.

Going back to the bed again, Melanie picked up the vibrator. Lying back on the bed with legs spread wide, she slid the vibrator into her soaking pussy and turned it on. Her reaction was immediate! Her hips thrust up against it, burying it further inside of her body. "Ohhhh yesssss. Yessssss." She moaned helplessly as the core of her body pulsated around the toy.

How I ached to submerge myself in her body. As I watched, a drop of precum leaked out of my dick and rolled slowly down the shaft. I itched to wrap my hand around myself and jerk off while I watched her fuck herself. Moaning in frustration and tugging uselessly against my restraints, my hips began to thrust my cock into the empty air, wanting something to fuck, seeking futilely.

As I groaned weakly, Melanie's orgasm rocked her tiny body, raising her hips off the bed over and over, the vibrator grasped firmly in her hands as she forcefully, almost painfully fucked herself. With her head thrown back, she cried out in ecstasy, making me tremble with need, making me ache way down deep inside of myself. Oh, how I wanted this woman, how I needed to fuck her.

Lifting up her head, she looked at me with glazed, passionate eyes. "I want you to fuck me now," she murmured. "If I untie you, do you promise to fuck me like the bad girl I am? I mean I have been torturing you for the longest time now. I can see how hard you are, how much you want to get fucked."

"Oh you better believe I'm going to fuck you, you cock-teasing little bitch. Untie these damn ropes and I'll give you the best fucking you've ever had."

Melanie rose off the bed, laying the vibrator aside, and approached me with a "come fuck me" look on her beautiful face. Standing in front of me, she looked down on my helpless figure sitting anxiously in the chair.

"What are you waiting for, Mel? Untie these fucking ropes right now."

"Well, well, what would you do if I said no? What would you do if I said I don't want to untie these fucking ropes? How about if I just dropped to my knees?" With those challenging words, she did just that. She dropped to her knees before my spread legs and looked at me with a crafty smile. "And then, what if I wrapped my hand around your cock, just like this? And how about if I begin to stroke your dick? Do you think you would like that?"

"Ohhh baby, yeah, yeah... jack me off baby."

My hips moved with a mind of their own as her hand mercilessly jacked my dick. I couldn't take my eyes off of what she was doing. And then, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth! Needless to say, I saw stars. I felt as though I were on a rocket being blasted into outer space. Her mouth was so hot, so wet, so tight - her tongue swirled around and around the head of my cock as she took it into her mouth an inch at a time until she had her lips pressed tightly around the base - her nose buried deeply in my belly hair.

Pulling her mouth back and sliding it down until I could feel myself pressed against the back of her throat. When she moaned around the obstruction in her throat, I could feel the vibrations surrounding my erection. I thought I was going to die, or at the very least, pass out from lack of oxygen to my brain.

"Ohhhh Melanie. Oh baby. Please Mel. I want to fuck you. Untie me. Untie me now!"

Pulling her mouth from my cock, playtime over now, she hurriedly untied my hands from the chair. Rising from the chair and casting my bindings across the room, I grabbed her roughly by her wrists and pulled her to her feet, shoving her backward toward the bed. As her knees hit the edge of the bed, she fell backwards with her arms held in my iron-tight grip over her head.

Pushing her knees brutally apart, I heaved myself into her dripping body in one solid thrust. Buried to the hilt in her body, I began to thrust ruthlessly against her, expecting her to cry out and beg me to be gentler. To my surprise, her legs came up and over my hips, her heels locking firmly behind my back, pulling her body up to meet mine with every violent thrust.

Our bedroom sounded as though two wild animals were mating - grunts and groans and moans and breathless sighs filled the room. Breathless pleas were not heeded, or heard and carelessly discarded as bestial desires overrode all conscious thought.

Her orgasm rocketed through her body, causing her tight little pussy to tremble and convulse around my cock - milking me in that tight little sleeve until I exploded with a loud scream and a heart-wrenching spasm that seemed to go on and on.

"Whew, Mel." We should play your games more often, I think," I muttered against her cheek as I tried to regain some of my composure.

With a smile directed toward the ceiling, she muttered, "Oh, I have so many more ideas. Just you wait and see."


Melanie was in the produce section of the grocery store when the giggles hit her. It didn't just tap her politely on the shoulder; it almost knocked her down! Standing in the middle of the aisle, holding a bunch of bright yellow bananas in her hand, she started laughing to herself. She couldn't help but remember the other night with Hunter. He was quite a sight, she thought to herself. Him tied to the chair like that was a dream come true for her. Performing for him only sweetened the deal considerably. Every time he ate a strawberry, for the rest of his life, he would think of her masturbating with one.

As she stood there giggling quietly, another idea was beginning to form. Taking one last look at the bunch of bananas in her hand, she gave a quaint nod and dropped them into her cart, heading for the checkout lanes.

Now, four hours later, dinner over, she lay back on their bed, banana in hand and the requisite armchair positioned in a darkened corner of the room. As she heard him turn off the water and step out of the shower, she smiled to herself, getting ready to perform for her lover again.

As he stepped out of the bathroom, with only a towel around his waist, Melanie allowed her eyes to close, as though she hadn't seen him. If the sight of her nude body reclined on the bed didn't stop him dead in his tracks, then it was the sight of her with the banana in her hand that did. As he watched from the doorway, she proceeded to slide the peeled fruit between her lips - instant erection! The front of his towel poked out as his erection came to full mast. Taking his chair, he sat back to quietly watch the show.

Melanie sucked the fruit between her lips, lightly dragging her teeth across the soft surface. She slid it wholly in and out of her mouth, as though she were sucking a cock - as though she were sucking his cock. As he watched, she took the banana out of her mouth, allowing it to trail over her chin, over her slim neck, down over her right breast. She pressed it against her erect nipple, relishing the sensation of rough fruit scraping sensitive nerve endings. The feeling made her moan quietly. Pressing her breasts together and holding them in place with one hand, she slid the banana between them with the other. Her hips began to move in time to the fruit fucking her tits.

Hips thrusting into air, banana thrusting into soft, yielding flesh - the sight was too much for Hunter to bear. He unwound the towel from his waist and let it fall to his side. Taking his cock in hand, he stroked himself in time to her thrusting hips.

"Oh Hunter," she moaned, lost in herself. "I wish this were your tongue, your fingers, your cock touching me like this." Melanie raised her breast to her mouth, tongue flicking out, tasting a banana flavored nipple.

By this time, Hunter was making no effort to be quiet; however, Melanie continued to take no notice of him sitting in his dark corner, so lost was she in pleasuring herself. Slowly, the banana left her breast and wandered down lower and lower and lower still - over her belly, and down into her short pubic hair. As the fruit journeyed on, Melanie's legs spread; knees falling wide open, giving Hunter a full view of her luscious little pussy.

By this time, Melanie had opened her eyes to mere slits, watching his reaction to what she was doing - but not letting him know she was watching. Cock in hand, he was stroking at a steady pace. As she studied his every stroke, Melanie saw a tiny drop of pre-cum leak out of the tip of his cock. He moved his hand so that his finger captured the droplet, and meeting her half open eyes, he raised his finger to his mouth, tasting himself - fulfilling another of her fantasies, to her total disbelief.

Unable and unwilling to wait any longer to touch her, he stood up and moved over to the bed, settling between her knees. He kissed his way up her inner thigh, drinking in her intoxicating aroma ahs she continued to slide the banana across her pussy lips and around her clit. Opening her eyes fully, Melanie's gaze locking together with his - her legs moving to lay over his shoulders, her heels locking together behind his neck, beginning to draw his face closer and close to her body. As he watched, she slid the tip of the banana inside her wet, aching pussy. Inch by inch, she slid more and more of the fruit inside herself, with his face only centimeters from her cunt.

Enraptured, he gazed at the fruit, watching it ease between her lips, slowly disappearing inside her body. Inch by inch, until it was almost completely inside of her, he watched. He licked his lips, wanting desperately to taste her, to taste the sweetness of the banana after being inside of his lover.

Sensing his desires, Melanie pulled the fruit reluctantly from her, offering it to his waiting mouth. He took half of the banana between his lips, engulfing it with the ravenous desire that he felt for her. Her taste, mixed with the sweetness of the fruit was overwhelming. He moaned out loud as he quickly consumed the half in his mouth and eagerly waited for more - desiring so badly to taste her again.

After he bit off a portion of the fruit, Melanie took the remaining part and slid it into her mouth, sucking the banana as she wanted to suck his cock - licking the remainder clean of her juices with her tongue. She pressed the broken half flat against her clit and began to massage it firmly, grinding her hips against the fruit, mashing it into a pulp between her legs, smearing it the length of her slit and into her pussy.

Leaning forward, Hunter quickly cleaned with his tongue the mess his passionate lover made. His tongue delved deeply into her cunt, seeking the last bits of juicy fruit as his fingers slid inside of her - first one, then a second. Sliding in and out, fucking her. He twisted his fingers, finding her g-spot and making her cry out in pure, raw pleasure. His tongue flicking over her clit proved to be too much for her to handle because her body went rigid and her knees locked firmly on either side of his head, holding him clamped in an iron-tight grip, as an orgasm raged through every nerve ending in her core.

Before she could recover, Hunter had her perfect ass in his hands; the tip of his cock pressing at her hot, wet entrance. Knowing what she wanted, he quickly thrust forward; pushing his dick deep inside of her in one slick, smooth thrust. He felt her body expand and stretch to accommodate his width and length. Buried in her pussy, from tip to base, her body convulsing around him, he began to pound relentlessly into her body. Over and over, in and out, faster and harder and deeper with his every thrust, with his every desperate move, his orgasm approached, while hers seemed to be never ending.

With a loud groan of release, and a mighty grinding of pelvises, he allowed himself to be swept away in a mind-blowing burst of ecstasy - coming deep within the innermost recesses of his lover's body.

Collapsing on top of her, he rolled them both onto their sides and drifted off to sleep - thoughts of bananas all but forgotten, temporarily.


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