Free Erotica: Body Heat

Body Heat
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Heat Level: Hot

Sex: Lesbian, Igloo sex

Remember Eskimo kisses? How dare you be so insensitive! The term is Indigenous People and the sex these two scholars have decided on has nothing to do with rubbing noses. Instead, they huddle together in an igloo and create as much body heat as two women having sex can work up.

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I stretched out on my back on the blankets. Terri looked down at my curvy, big-breasted body, the dark pubes dotting my pussy, which I was awkwardly trying to cover up with my legs. Then she flopped down on top of me, girl on girl.
Body Heat
It sounded like a pretty dumb idea; a pretty dumb, cold idea. Me and Terri building an igloo and then spending the night in it.

I met Terri in the Indigenous Peoples course we were both taking as part of our first year college program. She was smart and funny and adventurous, a brown-eyed, short-haired brunette with burnished copper skin on a tight little body, sporting perky boobs to match. She said she was part Cherokee. We hit it off instantly.

"We'll live like the Eskimos did," she ventured, grasping my hands and staring into my eyes. "At least for one night. Just for one night," she added, when she saw my doubtful expression.

I hesitated some more.

Then Terri kissed me lightly and quickly on the lips and said, "C'mon, it'll be fun. What have you got to lose?"

I was wondering what I had to lose, what Terri really wanted from me spending one night in a snow castle. But I nodded, always wanting to learn more, and her warm smile lit up her pretty face and mine.

It was darned cold outside, snow falling, with a windchill. We quickly got to work in the fading light. Terri had brought along a saw and an empty, oblong-shaped plastic container, along with some blankets and other supplies. The saw was to cut up the snow, the container to press down into the chopped-out snow and then lift up and pop out brick-shaped blocks, like a cookie dough molder.

"This snow is just right for forming and building," Terri enthused. "Not so dry that it's powdery and falls apart, and not so wet that it's all slushy and won't hold together."

I bobbed my head in understanding, my teeth chattering like castanets.

I broke up the snow with the saw, Terri blocked it up and out with the container. We soon had enough white bricks to start building our shelter. The work warmed me up and fired up Terri even more. She hugged me, pressing her cheek against mine and whispering in my ear, "We'll have our own little snow-house on the prairies."

We cleared out a patch of snow and flattened it down with our feet, laying the foundation. Then we started laying snow-bricks, building up the convex-shaped walls. We melted snow in our bare hands to provide some liquid mortar to fill in the chinks in the bricks, bind them together.

The roof was the final piece. It was supposed to be smooth and rounded, like a dome. But it ended up sort of bumpy and egg-shaped. Thankfully, though, it finally held together, after two partial cave-ins.

Long story short, we ended up with a kind of igloo and hunkered down for the night. Snow was still falling outside, the temperature falling still more. The candles Terri lit provided a little warmth in the cramped space, our 'authentic' fake fur a little more. But once the heat of exertion had left our bodies, we really started to cool down. So that round about midnight, when the drip at the tip of my nose started to freeze, Terri suggested that we huddle even closer together, use our body heat to beat the chill.

"And we have to do it naked," she insisted. "Just like the real indigenous people used to do. You get the most benefit that way, anyway."

I was doubtful again. But when the girl stood up, hunched over, and shed her faux-fur duds, got naked as a newborn seal pup, there was little I could do but follow suit - birthday suit. I self-consciously stripped, and we kind of huddled together under some blankets, Terri wrapping her arms around me.

My face and body began to glow, feeling the heat, all right. Terri made it hotter, saying, "Here, let me lie down on top of you. That's the best way."

I stretched out on my back on the blankets. Terri looked down at my curvy, big-breasted body, the dark pubes dotting my pussy, which I was awkwardly trying to cover up with my legs. Then she flopped down on top of me, girl on girl.

Our heated boobs squeezed together, her hard ochre nipples poking into my licorice ones, making them buzz. Our pussies touched, my clitoris tingling with the contact. We were joined chest to toes. Terri joined our faces by rubbing her nose against mine.

"Just like the Eskimos," she breathed in my face, her full lips a millimetre away from my plush mouth. "Feeling any warmer?"

I nodded, rubbing nose back, ablaze with the intimate body heat.

"You look hot," Terri murmured. Then closed that tiny gap between our open mouths, pressing her lips against mine

I shivered, with delight, wrapping my arms around the girl so that she moaned into my mouth. She grabbed onto my head and kissed me harder, wetter, with some tongue. We were building a bonfire, Terri and I clutching each other tight, slapping our moist, neon-pink tongues together.

I slid my suddenly sweaty hands down Terri's delicately curved back under the blankets, onto the twin swells of her butt cheeks. She breathed harder in my face, twining her tongue around mine, as I sunk my sharp fingernails into the curved, drum-tight flesh of her buttocks.

Terri started seriously rubbing against me, moving her body up and down on mine so that our nipples tweaked and our clitorises tripped. I moaned, gripping the girl's bum, the snow melting beneath us. And when she grasped my lit-up boobs and licked my flared nipples, I thought the roof of the igloo would start raining.

"Yeah!" I groaned, Terri tonguing my nips up achingly high and hard.

Her sweet lips sealed around a vibrating bud, sensuously sucked on it. I dug my fingers into her crack and almost tore her darling bum apart. She nursed on my other nipple, kneading my overheated chocolate mounds were her hot little hands.

I shivered from tip to toe, not with cold anymore, but with delight. The girl pushed my tits together and flayed her tongue over both nipples at once. Then she tried to suck the pair right into her mouth at the same time. She only partially succeeded, but her erotic efforts met with rousing success from my body.

"I want to suck on your tits," I gasped.

Terri looked up from my spit-slathered boobs, grinning. "Thought you'd never ask. The indigenous people are known for sharing – everything."

The girl squirmed up higher on top of me, planting her hands on either side of my head, her boobs sticking out into my face. I reached up and grabbed onto the pert pair, squeezed.

Oh, yes, Julie!" she groaned. "Suck on my breasts!"

Her arms quivered, her breasts surging with heat in my damp, grasping hands, nipples stiffening deliciously before my very eyes. I kneaded her tits, worked my fingers up onto her nipples and rolled them, making her whole body quake. Then I raised my head up a bit and stuck out my tongue and tickled the tips of her boobs with the tip of my licker.

She spasmed with joy. Her nipples jutted out at least half-an-inch, rubbery to the taste and touch, burnt-sugar bon-bons, her darker areolas silver dollar-sized and pebbly. I swirled my tongue all around one of her blossomed buds, the other. Then I sucked one into my mouth and pulled on it, chewed on it, spitting it out to do the same to Terri's other ripe nipple.

"Oh, Julie! That feels so good!" the trembling girl wailed.

It did feel so good her boobs in my hands, nipples in my mouth. I worked, fed on her mounds, squeezing, pinching, sucking, licking. I vacced a bud into my mouth and bit into it, sending Terri into fresh paroxysms of pleasure. I mashed her breasts together and flogged the pair of nipples like she'd done to me, with the same splendid results.

"My pussy! Can you eat out my pussy, Julie!?"

My paws froze on her boobs. The temperature inside our snow-hut skyrocketed another hundred degrees.

Terri didn't wait for an answer to her awesomely provocative question. She lifted her tits out of my hands and shifted around under the blankets, so that I wasn't facing her boobs anymore, I was facing her pussy.

She straddled my head with her thighs, her knees sinking into the mushy snow beneath the blankets. I felt her hands grasp my quivering thighs, heard her slide the blankets off her head and felt the cool air bathe my feet and legs, Terri's hot breath steam against my bare pussy.

I stared up into the girl's shaven slit. Her plump little brown pussy lips glistened with moisture. I was mesmerized, the spicy scent of the woman filling my dizzy head like her sex was filling my unblinking eyes.

Then I was jolted wickedly aware again, when Terri suddenly took a long, hard, wet slurp on my slit. "Ohmigod!" I shrieked, shocked with sensation.

She licked me again, and again and again, stroking my dark flaps with her tongue, setting my loins on fire. I could feel every bud of her tongue, as they dragged over my super-sensitive lower lips, velvet sandpapering my slit. I gasped into her pussy, and she splatted it right down onto my mouth.

I had no choice. I had to reciprocate – share and share alike. So I grabbed onto Terri's taut little butt cheeks, really sinking my shaking fingers into the hot flesh, and I stuck out my tongue and shifted my head back and forth, licking Terri's pussy like she was licking mine.

She spasmed and moaned, her voice vibrating deep in my pussy and echoing all through the rest of my shimmering body. The girl tasted just as great downstairs as she did upstairs, my happy lapping tongue teasing the juices out of her slit. My fingernails bit into her rippling buttocks, as I licked and licked and licked.

She pulled my flaps apart and shot her tongue right into my slit, burying it deep.

"Unnnh!" I gulped into the girl's cunt.

I followed her sexy lead, slipping my fingers out of her bum and parting the fleshy curtain formed by her pussy lips. Then spearing my sticker right inside, forcing my hardened pink appendage full-length into Terri's silky pink tunnel. She moaned inside me in appreciation.

Then she writhed her tongue around inside my pussy, sending electric jolts of joy arcing all through me, up from the plug-in point. I squirmed my tongue around inside her pussy, swabbing all of her pleasure nerves. We were joined at the tongues and twats, going native, in our element.

Terri bobbed her head up and down, tongue-fucking my pussy. I bobbed my head up and down, fucking her pussy with my tongue. We pumped faster and faster, pounding into each other with our mouth-organs, playing a way sensuous tune. Until Terri suddenly pulled all the way back, and out; then parted my flaps higher up, sealed her precious lips around my puffed-up clitoris and sucked.

My tongue jumped deep in her slit, giving voice to my profound appreciation for what she was doing. Then I reeled the appendage back in, found her clitoris and hit it with my lips, and sucked.

Her pink button was swollen up as much as mine; it throbbed in my mouth like mine in hers. I urgently sucked. She urgently sucked. We tugged each other to the very, slippery edge of all-out orgasm with our impassioned vaccing.

Terri halted the headlong rush to igloo ecstasy, at least temporarily. She popped out from between my legs and swung her luscious legs and pussy away from my gasping mouth. She positioned herself back on top of me, wanting to consummate our mutual lust face-to-face, pussy-on-pussy.

The girl showed me how one woman can really fuck another woman in such a small icebox. She was such a wonderful teacher, me her apt pupil.

Terri kneed my legs further apart and dropped her pussy bump right over mine, commenced rubbing. I don't know if that's how the Eskimo lesbians did it on long, cold winter nights, but it sure set my night ablaze. We were molten against one another.

"Yeah, Terri! Fuck me, Terri!" I cried, clutching her pumping cheeks, helping her grind our wildly tingling twats together.

We moved faster and faster. The wet velvet friction built and built. The sexual heat flamed inferno.

"Yes!" we cried as one, our lust exploding, almost blowing the roof off our cold-weather love shack.

Searing orgasm after orgasm stoked our shuddering bodies, burning up red-hot from our hard-bumping cunts, melding us together.

It seemed like an awfully elaborate way for the girl to get busy with me. She could've just come out and asked (I'd had a crush on her since the start of class), and we could've just hooked-up in my nice, warm dorm room. Then again, I did learn how to build an indigenous shelter out of snow, and how to make it melt.

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