Free Erotica: Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
executive summary
Heat Level: Hot

Sex: Straight, Sleeping, Double Orgasms

Ah, sweet beautiful sleep. Adele luxuriates in her bed, half listening to Bryce take a shower after his morning jog while she drifts in and out of consciousness. He joins her in bed but she's still not ready to shake off the cobwebs of sleep, even though Bryce clearly has lovin' on his mind. Adele decides to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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"Are you sure you want to keep sleeping, Adele?" he whispered. "I've got plenty of things I'd love to do with you." "Well, go ahead and do them then," she muttered, but instead of sounding grumpy, she sounded languorous and sensual. Bryce chuckled close to her ear, and she felt him tug the blanket up and baring her naked back. He pressed his naked body against her bare back, and she could feel his cock already half-hard against the back of her thigh. Involuntarily, she pressed back against him, letting him warm her far more deliciously than the blanket had.
Sleeping Beauty
Adele turned over, burrowing deeper into the covers and burying her face in the pillow. She knew that it was Saturday; there was plenty of time to sleep, and the world could wait for a few hours. She was just beginning to fall asleep when she heard a door open and close and a kitchen chair scrape against the tiled floor.

Bryce is home from his jog, she thought drowsily. That's nice.

Drifting in and out of a light slumber, she heard him rummaging in the bathroom before the shower spray started. With a slow smile, she imagined the sheets of hot water sleeking down his muscled body and soaking his short black hair. He was lovely naked in the shower and soaping up, and she toyed with the idea of joining him. She could imagine herself running appreciative hands over his arms and back before traveling lower.

The warm bed was simply too tempting, however, and she drifted back towards sleep. There would be plenty of time for that later, but then the door between the bathroom and the bedroom opened.

"Still asleep, sweetheart?" he asked softly, and she grumbled a response into the pillow.

He stepped closer and she could tell without opening her eyes that he was standing above her, watching her closely.

"It's almost 11, you know."

The bed creaked as he sat down it, and Adele turned away, burying her head under the pillow and shutting her eyes tight. If she just ignored him, maybe he would go away and let her sleep, though suddenly she wasn't at all sure that sleep was what she wanted.

Then Bryce was curled up to her back, one strong arm thrown over her waist and she began to think that sleep might not be in the cards after all. She could smell the clean male scent of him and then she could feel his breath on the back of her neck.

"Are you sure you want to keep sleeping, Adele?" he whispered. "I've got plenty of things I'd love to do with you."

"Well, go ahead and do them then," she muttered, but instead of sounding grumpy, she sounded languorous and sensual. Bryce chuckled close to her ear, and she felt him tug the blanket up and baring her naked back. He pressed his naked body against her bare back, and she could feel his cock already half-hard against the back of her thigh. Involuntarily, she pressed back against him, letting him warm her far more deliciously than the blanket had.

"Go ahead and go to sleep, sweetheart, if you can," he said, nibbling lightly at her ear.

That sounded like a challenge and Adele resolutely shut her eyes, determined not to give in.

He pulled aside her shoulder-length brown hair and trailed kisses down the back of her neck even as his hand stole under the blankets to stroke the side of her breast. His touch was light, not quite ticklish, and it drew goose bumps on her skin.

Adele bit back a sigh when his fingers stroked at her nipple, making it harden. She forced herself to remain still when he cupped her breast tenderly in his hand before laying a soft, wet kiss on her shoulder blade. The bed shifted as he rested his head on one bent arm, and ran his free hand down her flank and to her thigh.

She tensed when he brought his hand closer to her crotch, but he only smoothed his palm flat over her lace panties, stroking lightly at her mound before moving on to touch her stomach. Everything was so languid and gentle that she could feel herself drifting off again, but then his hand moved over the curve her buttock.

Adele kept her breath slow and even, but her resolution to stay still only seemed to make her more aware of his touch. There was something intoxicating about the way he was touching her precisely as he pleased. At some point, this had stopped being a contest about whether she would get to sleep for another hour and became something much different. It was a game, and her part was to lie as still as she could for as long as she could.

Bryce ran a gentle hand over her ass before sliding his fingers inside her panties, seeking and finding her slit. Adele lifted her knee up to accommodate him, a gesture natural enough to be that of a sleeping woman, but his soft laugh told her that he wasn't fooled.

She was only slightly wet, but he was patient, stroking the neatly-trimmed slit with the pads of his fingers until she moistened to his touch. Adele realized that she was gently but rhythmically pushing back against him and stopped herself, clenching her hands into fists to hold them still.

He kissed the top bumps of her spine as he worked his fingers over and over her slit, waiting until her folds were nearly soaking before parting them even a little. Now Adele's breath was rougher, and it was harder than ever to hold still.

Bryce slowly worked first one, then two fingers inside her. Slowly, he drew them in and out, making her ache for more. After a few moments, she could smell herself. Her breath was hissing between her teeth and now she couldn't stop herself from bucking back against him. Bryce's breath was coming faster too, and he licked her ear.

His fingers suddenly pushed into her hard and she started to moan, but then he pulled them out entirely. Adele keened in disappointment. She wanted more, she wanted so much more, and Bryce laughed.

"Beautiful, beautiful woman," he growled in her ear. "Do you know how fucking wet you are?"

His words made her gasp and she gave up any pretense of pretending to be asleep. Her hips bucked up against him, but his arm clamped around her waist, holding her still.

"Oh you're up now?" His low voice sent sensual shivers up her spine and she could only moan in response.

"Yes," she murmured shakily. "I'm up, I'm up."

"What a funny coincidence," Bryce said. "So am I."

Deliberately, he pushed his hips against her again, letting her feel the hard, hot length of him against her rear.

"I want you. I want you inside me now..." Her voice shook with need. She might have been embarrassed if she wasn't so aroused.

She heard him open the bedside drawer and was momentarily confused. She was fully wet, but then she understood when he pushed her legs tight together.

His slicked cock slid between her thighs, the lubricant making the glide silken smooth. Adele's breath caught at the feeling of his cock sliding between the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, brushing so tantalizingly against her wet cunt. His fingers tight on Adele's generous hips, he thrust himself between her legs, drawing back and forth.

"Oh you fucking tease," she gasped. His chuckle was strained and it warmed her how much it cost him to tease her like this, how much he wanted her.

Well, two can play that game, she thought to herself.

She pressed her legs even more tightly together and was rewarded with a surprised groan from Bryce. He moved between her thighs for another few moments, long enough for her tighten her legs around his cock several more times and then he pulled away entirely.

"You're a goddamn brat," he said, and Adele peeked over her shoulder mischievously.

"Really? You think?" she asked and then she yelped when he rolled her over on her stomach.

"Yes, I do think," he retorted. "and brats get punished."

It was on the tip of her tongue to ask him how he punished brats, but then she squawked when he landed a light, open-palmed smack to her ass. The sting traveled from her rear straight to her cunt and the tingle warmed her beautifully.

"Yes?" he asked and she made an affirmative purr.

Bryce rubbed her bottom where he had struck her for a moment, and then he landed another blow in exactly the same spot. This one was slightly heavier than the first and it made her gasp. He followed it with a series of blows spread across her ass, and she could feel her skin heat and redden under his hand.

"Oh look at that," Bryce said. "Look at you."

Adele was confused for a moment and then she realized that she had inched her hips up underneath his hand. Her face was still pushed into the pillow, but she was almost on her knees, raising her hips to the delicious smacks.

She blushed even as Bryce ran an appreciate hand over her stinging ass.

"Not that I mind," he commented. "This is gorgeous."

She started to lower herself but then his hands were on her hips, pushing them even higher.

"Also, convenient."

Adele held her breath when she felt the head of his cock to her wet cunt. He was broad and long, and it took a moment for him to push inside. Even slick with lubricant, it was tight and when he was all the way inside her, she sighed with satisfaction.

"Is that good, honey?" he asked and she nodded.

That apparently wasn't good enough, because he swatted her rear with her hand again. It caught her by surprise and she moaned at the sting combined with the feeling of being completely full.

"Yes!" she said. "Yes, it feels good..."

"That's good, Adele," he said, his voice strained. "Because I think this is going to feel even better..."

His first thrusts were slow and deliberate. She could feel his cock draw in and out of her. He was taking his time, but then she tightened around him deliberately. She knew he could feel it, because he paused for a moment, before resuming that same torturous pace. Adele did it again, a secret smile on her face, and this time she was rewarded with a gasp.

"You want it so bad then?" he asked, low and almost menacing.

She barely had time to nod when he took a tighter grip on her hips and thrust into her deeply, burying himself into her body to the hilt. Adele moaned at the deep pleasure this gave her, and then he drew back and lunged again.

Adele felt herself slip on the sheets and she grabbed handfuls of the fabric in her hands to steady herself. Bryce started fucking her fast and hard. His hands on her body were almost painful, but she didn't care. All she could think about was his cock pushing into her, filling her completely, and the weight of his balls slapping against her.

She raised her hips even higher, opened her legs even further, and then she could push herself back against him. She was fucking him as fiercely as he was fucking her, and their cries mingled together in the room.

"Please," she was chanting, "Please, oh god, please."

She didn't even know what she was asking for, but apparently Bryce did because one hand left her hip to find her clit again. He knew exactly how hard to work it, and her climax hit her with the force of a lightning bolt, making her throw her head back and wail. Her whole body shuddered with the force of her pleasure.

The powerful sensations rolled over her, leaving her shaken and weak. Adele rested her head on her crossed forearms, slowing her breathing and only distantly aware that Bryce was still pushing into her. She listened as his breath turned harsh and his hands tightened even harder on her hips for a moment. Then he groaned and she could feel him fill her.

When Bryce pulled out, she collapsed slowly on her side. He drew her close again, stroking her hair. She was aware of being slightly sore, but it was delicious. She felt well-used and well-loved and she murmured soft, sweet words to Bryce, not sure if they made sense but certain he would understand.

"Are you awake yet, Adele?" Bryce asked. She could hear the smile in his voice and she turned over to face him. His smile was sly and satisfied and she reached out languidly to trace the curve of his lips.

"What happens if I say no?" She was faintly aware that her voice was hoarse from her shouts.

"Then we start over again."

She thought for long moment, and then she firmly closed her eyes, while Bryce laughed with surprise.

She kept her eyes closed while his hands roamed her breasts and her sides, and this time he could kiss her mouth. Adele opened her lips under his tongue's probing and even though she sucked lightly on his tongue, she kept her eyes closed.

"Greedy, beautiful girl," he whispered, his voice rich with approval.

His hand slid down the curve of her stomach, teasing the top of her slit. He teased her labia lightly, taking pleasure, she thought, in how soft and wet she was. He stroked her folds until they nearly parted for him, and then he found her clit again.

She flinched slightly; she was still quite tender, but he was right when he said that she was also greedy. Adele heard Bryce make an apologetic noise, and his touch eased up, taking the sensation from overly-intense to bearable. He pressed lightly, making her rock her hips. She was not as impatient as she was before and he stretched her pleasure out for her.

"Is this what my sleeping beauty wants?" Bryce muttered. "Would she like more?"

Adele murmured her approval, and he began to stroke her clit, occasionally dipping his fingers into her cunt to draw that dampness up. It was slow and gentle, perfect, and soon she was moving against him again.

There was nothing urgent about his touch or her motions. They were locked together and Adele could concentrate solely on the sensations she was feeling. She might have really been dreaming, and Bryce might have been something she imagined solely for her pleasure.

Her second orgasm built up slowly. She could feel it coming a long way off, feel it swelling inside of her.

"Oh, oh, Bryce," she said, and then she convulsed, grasping at his shoulders. The sensations were blunter this time, but sweeter too. Adele let them carry her away as she went to a perfect blank space where she could only feel. She shook for several long moments and then she relaxed, looking up into Bryce's bright blue eyes with a tremulous smile.

"All right," she said softly. "I think I'm awake now."


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