Unique Vibrators

Here is a page of our weirdest and most unusual vibrators. Vibrators.com makes it as easy as possible for you to find exactly the type of sex toy you’re looking for. You can search for toys grouped together based on various features and attributes, and the Vibrator School was founded to further help you pick the best vibrator for you. But there are some sex toys that just defy categorization, and don’t fit neatly into any of the other categories on this site. This page collects all the most unique vibrators and one-of-a-kind sex toys on the market, so if you’re interested in unusual forms of stimulation or strangely shaped vibrators, these are the toys for you.

This is a collection of Vibrators.com's most unique and unusual vibrators. We offer these innovative vibrators because their interesting shapes, materials and vibration patterns make them uniquely enjoyable. These strange vibrators might look a little different, but we think they are fun, sensual alternatives to more traditional sex toys. No matter which unusual vibrator you pick, you are guaranteed to have a new experience with pleasure.