Free Erotica: All Work and No Play

All Work and No Play
executive summary
Heat Level: Hot

Sex: Straight, At work, Voyeur

After a bit of harmless sexting, Antonia finds herself faced with a real-world situation. A colleague at her new job wants to have sex with her back at the office. It's after hours and she's already having drinks with friends at the bar. Should she interrupt the evening for a quickie with a man who wants to make her fantasies come true?

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Besides, I barely even know my colleague. I've only worked there a couple of weeks. On the other hand, that kind of makes it more exciting, and I'm intrigued and turned on and not one to run from a challenge. After a few moments I make a decision and quickly tell my friends that I've remembered something my boss wanted me to do, and that I'll be back soon. I grab my bag and make my escape before I can change my mind and chicken out. My friends tut and roll their eyes at each other - "work-obsessed Antonia" - but let me go without suspicion.
All Work and No Play

I click "Send," then shut down my PC and prepare to leave the office to meet a few friends in a nearby bar. I hear the beep of my colleague's computer as it tells him he has mail, and I glance up and catch his eye. He holds my gaze a second too long before moving his mouse to his inbox and reading my message. I watch him take a deep breath and slowly shake his head.

I'm smiling inwardly as I pick up my coat and stride purposefully behind his desk, making my way towards the door. My colleague turns in his chair as I pass and I can feel his eyes on my retreating figure, taking in my black stiletto boots and short skirt. I feel a frisson of excitement. I'm well aware that I am playing with fire, bringing my hobby into the office, but somehow the risk makes it all the more appealing.

I am only just out of the building when my phone vibrates in my pocket, taking me by surprise. It's a text message.

You can't send an email like that and then fuck off. I scroll down. I intend to punish you severely.

I raise my eyebrows at this and immediately reply with a simple, How?

In the time it takes me to get to the bar, greet my friends and order a drink, my phone has vibrated once more.

By pinching your nipples between my fingers until you don't know whether you're moaning in pleasure or pain.

I take a sharp intake of breath as I feel my pussy moisten and my nipples becoming erect. This is no longer the innuendo-laced electronic flirting that I initiated earlier, my colleague has swiftly upped the stakes and I'm surprised and turned on by his brazenness.

I press reply and type, Not before I have wrapped my lips around you and taken you deep into my mouth.

I place my mobile on the chair between my thighs so that the next time a message comes through I feel it vibrate on my clit. The next message reads, I'm then going to flick my tongue over your clitoris before thrusting my throbbing cock deep into your warm, wet pussy.

Oh my God. I briefly close my eyes as these images dance through my mind, and I feel myself getting wetter. I take a few swigs of my wine and indulge in inane chit chat with one of my friends, all the while feeling my clit pumping between my legs and I struggle to control the urge to grind my hips against something. I quickly type, Wish you were fucking me right now, then reluctantly drag my attention back to the story of my friend's latest disastrous blind date. It isn't long before my phone vibrates again, Antonia.. Need you back at office now.

What?! I'm taken aback by the message. I thought I was in for an evening of cheeky text sex over drinks with friends before making my excuses, going home and getting to work with my vibrator - my idea of a perfect night! All of a sudden I'm being challenged to follow through with fantasies that I never actually intended to act upon. At least, not so soon, and with the only build up a brief bout of textual titillation.

Besides, I barely even know my colleagues. I've only worked there a couple of weeks. On the other hand, that kind of makes it more exciting, and I'm intrigued and turned on and not one to run from a challenge. After a few moments I make a decision and quickly tell my friends that I've remembered something my boss wanted me to do, and that I'll be back soon. I grab my bag and make my escape before I can change my mind and chicken out. My friends tut and roll their eyes at each other - work-obsessed Antonia - but let me go without suspicion.

As I walk the short distance back to the office I realize with surprise that I am nervous. I'm always the one in control in these situations, and am not used to a man giving as good as he gets, let alone taking the reins. Maybe I've met my match, I think to myself and a little shiver of excitement runs through me. I quicken my step, desperate to find out what's in store for me back at the office. As I'm running up the stairs - I have far too much nervous energy to take the lift - another message comes through: I'm waiting, Antonia...

I reach the top floor and enter the open plan office, my heart pounding with apprehension and anticipation. I can't see my colleague anywhere so I wander in and sit down at my desk, suddenly paranoid that I have been taken for a ride or got the wrong end of the stick. I jump as a hand comes firmly down on my shoulder and a gruff voice whispers in my ear.

"Time to put your money where your mouth is." My colleague swivels my chair around to face him and I see that he has unbuttoned his fly and his big cock is standing proudly, level with my face.

"This is for distracting me during office hours," he murmurs as he winds his fingers into my long hair and inserts his dick into my mouth, pushing himself deeper and deeper. My surprise has rapidly turned into blatant desire and I feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I maneuver myself so that I can grind my hips up against the leg of the desk.

My colleague is fully inside my mouth now and I use my tongue to tease the tip of his cock each time he pulls back before thrusting once more. I run my hands over his tight arse and bring one round to gently massage his balls as he grunts in approval, his cock roughly working in and out.

"Fuck, Antonia," He moans, disengaging himself and hitching me up onto the desk. My head falls back over the edge and I am able to see out of the office's floor to ceiling windows into the apartments opposite. A thrill runs through me as I realize how easily we could be caught in the act. I look up at my colleague and see from the slow grin creeping across his face that he's thinking the same thing.

It is then that he forces the already low neckline of my top down over my breasts and releases my nipples from the clutches of my bra, taking first one, then the other in his mouth, licking and sucking them so expertly whilst rubbing my pussy through my skirt that I feel I may come there and then. I reach down to push his head between my legs and he shifts my skirt up around my waist, letting out a small gasp when he sees that my tights are in fact stockings.

He slips a finger into the crotch of my knickers and pushes them to one side as he gets to work on me, circling his tongue over my clit whilst slipping his index finger into my pussy. I moan with pleasure and move my hips against him as the rhythm of his tongue gets faster. He reaches up with his free hand and squeezes my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger so hard that I cry out in pain, but don't want him to stop.

Just as I am about to give myself over to the orgasm something catches my eye and I see that there is a man standing in one of the apartment windows. He is tall and broad and seems to have one hand inside his trousers. In the other he holds a camcorder, which is pointing at us. I have never really thought of myself as a voyeur but am finding that the presence of this stranger is serving to increase my desire tenfold, and I look straight into the camera as I succumb to my colleague's touch and come loudly and violently. My colleague raises his head and clocks the man at the window and I notice that he is just as turned on by it as I am.

He climbs onto the desk and hovers over me, his cock rock hard and throbbing, and I see a sheen around his mouth - evidence of where he has just been. My skirt is still up around my waist so I slowly unzip it and ease it over my hips, letting it fall to the ground. My colleague pulls my top over my head and removes his shirt to reveal a ripped physique. I am now naked apart from my pushed-aside g-string, my stockings and my stiletto boots. He reaches his hands beneath my hips and turns me over so that I am on all fours facing the camera and he is behind me. I feel him reach around with one hand and cup my breast before slowly moving his hand up to my hair, pulling my head back so that the camera gets a full view of my breasts.

He guides himself into me from behind, filling me up as he thrusts deeper each time. I lower my head slightly so that I can look at the man in the window and see that he has released his cock from his trousers and is moving his hand vigorously up and down. I am certain that he will have zoomed in as much as his camcorder will allow and I have never before felt so turned on.

My colleague reaches his hands around and starts to roughly rub my clitoris and flick my solid nipples. He is pounding himself hard into me, each thrust accompanied by a guttural grunt and I feel myself matching him as I keep my eyes on the man in the window. My colleague's grunts are getting louder and his thrusts faster, yet I am taken by surprise when he raises a hand and spanks me sharply on my arse.

I yelp as the sting rings through me and my breath is taken away. He strikes me again, and again, and another time, each time with more force than the time before whilst his cock pounds into me. I gasp in shock each time his hand connects with my body and grit my teeth, desperate for the new sensation. I feel a second orgasm starting to erupt. My colleague's thrusts and spanks are getting more and more urgent and as I reach my second climax my colleague lets himself go. We come together with an intensity and ferocity that I have never felt before.

As the orgasm subsides I look out at the apartments and notice the man at the window convulsing as he brings himself to orgasm. He moves away from the window. My colleague withdraws from me and for a few moments we lay side by side on my desk as we catch our breath, laughing, as the reality of what we have just done begins to sink in.

"Antonia!" One of my friends calls drunkenly as I walk back into the bar ten minutes later, wondering if my dirty secret is written all over my face.

"You work too hard!" She chastises, as another friend pipes up and teases, "You know what they say, Antonia, all work and no play!" I take their jests with good humor as I sit down amongst them, wincing ever so slightly as my bottom connects with the chair. If only they knew, I think to myself smugly as I pour myself a large glass of Merlot. If only they knew.

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