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Heat Level: Hot

Sex: Lesbian, Bondage, Surprise

Melissa arrives home to find an intruder, Gabriella, in her home. She ties the woman up only to find herself taking orders and pleasuring Gabriella, surrendering to restraints and some of her deepest fantasies.

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Gabriela slid two of her fingers into Melissa’s dripping sex, Melissa hanging her head and whimpering and watching, feeling all through her body and soul Gabriela dig the two slender digits deep into her needful cunt. "Oh, God!" she moaned.
B&E; &B
When Melissa slipped her key in the lock and opened the door, she instantly knew something was wrong.

Her nostrils flared, scenting the faint, foreign smell of tangerine. Her pupils narrowed, sighting the slightly-open drawer in her cubbyhole desk against the wall. And her ears pricked, sensing the far-off squeak of something moving somewhere in the apartment. All that, and the fact there was light streaming from underneath the cracked-open bedroom door, clued Melissa into the probability that there was an intruder in her home.

She thought about phoning for the police, then dismissed the idea. This was her house (since moving out of the parental home two months earlier and twenty-two years later); and if anyone other than the snoopy landlord thought they could violate the sanctuary of her home and get away with it, well, they had another think coming. Shy by nature, independence had steeled the girl. And having her Smart car and mountain bike stolen in the course of the past two weeks, her identity briefly thieved, had left her growling like a crime dog.

She eased the door shut, lowered her pink canvas gym bag to the carpet. Fresh from Tae Bo, she was still wearing her pink exercise shorts and lavender tank-top, long, blonde hair pulled back and tied with a violet ribbon, lean body oiled with sweat, primed for action. She ducked into a fighting crouch, slitted blue eyes piercing the darkness, hairs on the back of her long neck standing up and taking notice as another squeak sounded – in the bedroom.

Her bedroom.

She glided across the living room carpet, slid up against the wall next to the bedroom door. She considered a weapon – a bread knife, a pair of scissors, that Jesus-on-the-cross letter-opener her mother had given her – then dismissed that idea, as well. Her hands and body were her weapons. Far from lethal, but certainly slightly dangerous, at least. And who wants a weapon taken away and used against them?

More squeaking. Closer now, Melissa recognized the sound: a drawer in her childhood bunny-decorated chest of drawers being pulled open. She kept her underwear in that particular stick of furniture, and other, even less-mentionable, things.

Coiled body buzzing with high-tension adrenaline, she reached out a shaking hand and used four trembling fingers to sliver the bedroom door even further open. Holding her breath, she peeked inside.

Someone, a small figure dressed entirely in black – black shirt and jeans and toque – was rifling through Melissa’s drawers. ‘You don’t send a midget to do a man’s job,’ the blonde thought grimly to herself, mentally sizing the break & enterer up at five-foot-two to her five-foot-eight, ninety-five pounds to her one-twenty-five.

The sneak thief plucked a pair of tiger-striped panties out of the drawer and casually sniffed them. And that proved the trigger point for Melissa’s pent-up rage. She burst the door wide open and barreled into the room, squalling, “Grab wall, dirtbag!”

She was all over the perp’s back in an instant, shoving the undersized intruder up against the wall and spreading arms and legs, pushing face into the winking moon and grinning stars wallpaper. Putting her Citizen Awareness Day activities at the local police precinct to good use.

“Make love to that wall!” Melissa bawled. She kept the cat burglar kissing wallpaper with her left hand, as she yanked a pair of black stockings out of the open drawer with her right. She jerked the robber’s arms down, quickly winding the stocking around tiny wrists and knotting them together. “There,” she rasped a rodeo eight seconds later, spinning the one-in-custody around. “Let’s get a good look at you, scumbag.”

A woman’s face greeted Melissa, shocking some of the toughness out of her. A pretty, fine-featured face featuring a pair of brown eyes and red-glossed lips, a thin, haughty nose. The woman looked to be around thirty, and she grinned at the bewildered blonde, displaying teeth as white as Melissa’s knuckles.

“Guess you got me,” she commented, leaning back against the wall.

Melissa blinked her eyes, recovering some of her confrontation at the other’s insolence. She yanked the toque off the woman’s head. Midnight hair tumbled free, collecting in a shimmering curtain around the woman’s small shoulders. “You’re going down – lady,” Melissa stated firmly.

“If you’re lucky – Melissa,” the woman replied easily.

Melissa snapped her hands onto her hips. “Just how do you happen to know my name?”

The woman grinned some more, glancing at the animal print panties crowning the bunny-dappled chest of drawers. “It’s sewn into all your underwear. My name’s Gabriela, by the way.”

Melissa chewed her lip, sniffed, “Well, I don’t want to lose anything. There’s a lot of crime in this area.”

“Copy down all your vibrator serial numbers, too, huh?”

Melissa’s eyes dove down to the bottom drawer, her face flooding crimson. “I’ll teach you to go digging around in other people’s private things.” She flung her head back and marched over to the SpongeBob SquarePants phone on the bedside nightstand, punched in 9-1-1.

She had her back turned to her prisoner for only a moment, just long enough to be put on hold by the overburdened police department, when she heard Gabriela say, “Maybe you should use these?”

Melissa whirled around. Gabriela was holding up a pair of fur-lined handcuffs, her wrists free and clear.

“Hey! How’d you get-”

“I’m really up to no good tonight,” Gabriela teased.

Melissa dropped the yellow sponge receiver and grabbed onto Gabriela’s shoulders, pushing her down into the padded chair in front of the bureau mirror. She hastily pulled the woman’s wrists back and cuffed her. Then she snatched up a pair of sheer blue stockings and fastened Gabriela’s slim ankles to the metal chair legs.

“Better tie me up around the waist, too,” Gabriela suggested. “I’m pretty slippery – when wet.”

Melissa had noticed that the otherwise cool and collected woman was perspiring almost as much as she was. So she dug around some more in her dainties drawer and pulled out a pair of black nylon pantyhose, kneeled back down in front of Gabriela.

“Pull my shirt out of my pants,” the woman instructed, “so you can tie it tight around my bare skin – like you did with my ankles.”

Melissa glanced up from the tangled hose. Gabriela’s face was glowing, her bronze skin shining, moist, red lips parted and liquid-brown eyes half-hooded by long, black lashes. Like she was excited, almost, anything but fearful. Melissa dropped the pantyhose in Gabriela’s lap and anxiously cinched the stockings around the woman’s ankles even tighter.

And as she did so, Gabriela moaned. Her eyes fluttered shut and she bit into her plush lower lip. Melissa quickly reached behind the hard-breathing woman to check on the boudoir handcuffs. Their faces almost touching, Gabriela’s eyes suddenly popped open. And she kissed Melissa, soft and wet and urgent, right on the lips.

Melissa recoiled, stunned, staring into Gabriela’s sparkling eyes. She wondered if the woman had just committed another chargeable offence; wondering just what she was up to; wondering, as well, if the soft, sweet impression left on her tingling lips would ever go away.

Her hands moved on their own, pulling Gabriela’s shirt out of her jeans. Gabriela shuddered, full-body jumping against her restraints when Melissa’s fingers brushed her bare stomach. “Tie me up – tight!” the raven-haired beauty hissed.

Melissa rapidly threaded the legs of the pantyhose around Gabriela’s tiny waist, the woman gasping encouragement, her breath coming hot and humid in Melissa’s burning face. Melissa knotted the pantyhose legs together and cinched them tight around Gabriela’s middle, the silky fabric digging into the caramel-colored skin.

Gabriela groaned, then desperately sought out the other woman’s lips and found them, pressing her mouth against Melissa’s mouth. Melissa just kneeled there and took it, her whole body flaming as hot as her face now, Gabriela’s wet lips moving against her lips, tangerine-scented body spray clouding her mind, flooding her good senses, the woman’s intoxicating lips and fiery heat setting Melissa’s head to spinning.

“Tie up my chest,” Gabriela breathed, the one controlling the situation, now and maybe from the beginning. She painted Melissa’s lips with her wet, pink tongue.

Melissa rushed to dig yet another silk stocking out of the drawer, to obey the bound woman’s command. She grabbed a white one this time, then fell to her knees and began wrapping the fine-woven leg garment around Gabriela’s t-shirted chest. Before she noticed Gabriela shaking her head. Melissa gazed up into the glistening pools of the woman’s eyes, confused. Until another kiss exploded against her lips, and she knew what to do.

She hurriedly rolled up Gabriela’s tight shirt, up and over the twin swells of her breasts. She stared at the golden apples, the pointing, chocolate nipples, hypnotized by the rapidly rising and falling beauty.

“Tie up my tits,” Gabriela said.

Melissa sashed the stocking around the woman’s bare chest, Gabriela gasping, groaning as the sensuous material covered and caressed her little breasts, draped her jutting nipples. Melissa knotted the stocking behind Gabriela, her arms encircling the woman’s body and their mouths meeting, tongues flashing together. Melissa pulled back and was bedazzled by the stunning contrast between the soft, snow-white fabric of the stocking and the burnt-sugar rigidity of Gabriela’s nipples.

“Suck my tits,” Gabriela ordered.

Melissa bobbed her blonde head down and captured a silken bud in her mouth, sucked on it. Gabriela arched against her bonds, pretty head tilted back in exquisite despair. Melissa looked up at the straining woman, baby-blue eyes wide, earnestly sucking and sucking on a rubbery, stocking-sheathed nipple. Then she released the one shiny nipple and moved over to the other, engulfing it with her warm, wet mouth.

Gabriela’s yelp of joy reverberated all through Melissa, the two women connecting on a level Melissa had never experienced, never even really considered, before. She cupped Gabriela’s wrapped breasts and licked the stiff, gauzed nipples, tugged on them with her lips, soaking them and the woman and clotting the stocking with her ardor. And when she sunk her teeth into a buzzing bud, she felt Gabriela shiver with pleasure, felt the woman’s fingers dig into her blonde locks.

Melissa jerked her head back. “Hey! How’d you …”

Gabriela smiled, wagging her once-again free hands in front of the girl’s astonished face. Then she said, “I’ll show you how to really tie up a woman.”

She easily unknotted the pantyhose that bound her stomach, the stockings that secured her ankles. Then, leaving the saliva-slick stocking around her chest, she jumped up and grabbed Melissa’s hand.

“Um, I’m not really sure I want to be … tied up,” Melissa hesitated, the spell temporarily broken like Gabriela’s bonds. “Because, well, um, I don’t, you know, really know you … that well.”

“Think I’m going to steal the place clean while you’re tied up, huh?” Gabriela wasn’t smiling anymore.

“No, I-”

Gabriela yanked Melissa to her feet, jerked the girl to her toes in a half-nelson. She steered the protesting blonde into the bathroom that ran off the bedroom. She racked the ducky-spotted shower curtain to one side, shoved Melissa into the tub.

Melissa stumbled over the lip, and Gabriela spun her around and lashed her wrists to the shower curtain rod with the same stockings Melissa had used to tie her down. Only the knots were much tighter, became tighter still with struggle. And in the blink of an eye and bead of a pussy, Melissa was bound to the curtain railing, arms outstretched wide apart over her head.

Melissa fought against the bonds, rattling the rod. Until Gabriela jumped up onto the enamel edge of the tub and grabbed the girl and kissed her, mashing her mouth against Melissa’s mouth, drowning out any further objections. She tore Melissa’s tank-top down the center, fully exposing the girl’s chest. Melissa hung her head, cowed by Gabriela’s strength, the woman’s flashing eyes and fearsome sexual hunger. Gabriela licked her lips and unhooked Melissa’s bra in the back, leaving the bound girl’s pale, pink-tipped breasts heaving in the open. She touched the soft, smooth flesh of a rounded breast and Melissa gasped, the shower curtain rod shaking in rhythm to the rest of her.

Gabriela jumped down off the tub and stripped off her own clothes, everything, except for the Melissa-wetted stocking around her breasts. Her body blazed bronze under the bright lights, pussy shaven clean, lips shining pouty and dewy. She leaped back up onto the tub and clasped Melissa’s creamy-white body against her own brown body, melding their heated breasts together, her tongue swimming inside Melissa’s mouth and thrashing about. Melissa excitedly entangled her tongue with Gabriela’s, desperately tried to wrap her arms around the woman’s pulsing body. But couldn’t. She rattled the rod in frustration.

Gabriela pulled her head and one arm back and touched a finger to Melissa’s vulnerable rib cage. Melissa shuddered, the fingertip traveling light and infuriating over her electrified skin, up and into her open armpit, teasing and tickling. The finger looped back down again, over Melissa’s tingling breast. She closed her eyes and savored the sensation, the raw, sensual feel of the soft, balled fingertip brushing her brimming breast. Then she flat-out vibrated when the finger began tracing quick, fiery circles around her puffy aureole.

There were two fingers on Melissa’s breasts now, tantalizing the girl, circling and circling her anguished nipples, tripping over the achingly-erect buds. The fingers trailed down her breasts, her stomach, traveling into her dampened shorts and panties and meeting at last at the blonde fur apex of her trembling legs.

Melissa opened her wet eyes and stared into Gabriela’s eyes, hot tears rolling down her cheeks, her breasts and pussy burning like never before. Gabriela licked up the girl’s salty emotion, then yanked her shorts and panties down in one fell swoop. She ran her fingers into Melissa’s moistened fur, over the girl’s slick, swollen pussy lips. Melissa fought with the railing, but it was no good. And oh-so-very-good.

Gabriela slid two of her fingers into Melissa’s dripping sex, Melissa hanging her head and whimpering and watching, feeling all through her body and soul Gabriela dig the two slender digits deep into her needful cunt. “Oh, God!” she moaned.

Gabriela kissed Melissa, frenched Melissa, pumped Melissa, cupping her own brazen pussy and rubbing, polishing her puffed-up button as she finger-fucked the tied-up blonde. Her face contorted with lust.

Melissa quivered with delight, Gabriela’s flying fingers swelling her with sexual electricity, pumping and pumping her full of white-hot joy. Gabriela glared at Melissa, bit into Melissa’s lip, her own body shaking, fingers frantically buffing her tingling clit, the pressure building and building and building.

“Yes! Oh God, yes!” Melissa shrieked, the pussy-pistoning and trussed-up eroticism sending her sailing far beyond her bonds.

Gabriela screamed back, blistered by her own orgasm, feverishly fingering the both of them to gushing ecstasy.

When the last spasm had finally sounded, Gabriela slowly extracted her sticky fingers from the pair of smoldering pussies. Then she unleashed the violet ribbon from Melissa’s hair and looped it around her own wrist, as a reminder, perhaps. She left the gasping girl hanging, quickly dressing and exiting the apartment.

Melissa popped the shower curtain rod out of its bracket at one end and easily slipped her hands off. She smiled – a satisfied, satiated smile – confident that the pussy burglar would one night return to the scene of the crime.