The Quietest Vibrators in the World by

Quiet Vibrators are something we actively search for because we know it's one of the most important qualities to our customers. We want to sell you a vibrator that is quiet because we care about your personal privacy. Not to mention, nothing destroys the mood like worrying that your vibrator is too loud. You want a silent vibe because that will prevent other people from knowing your private business. So, feel free to choose one of these quiet vibrators (measured using our own vibration and sound measurement equipment). We know you'll love it.

A few years ago the team at started testing every vibrator in the industry using sophisticated sound equipment. This equipment measures how loud each vibrator was. We use the equipment to not only sort the toys that we do sell, but to decide what toys we don't sell. No one wants a noisy vibrator when a quiet one might be had with similar performance and price. This effort, this work of testing thousands of vibrators in our laboratory is just one more way that makes it easy for you to privately buy the perfect vibrator.