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It can be tricky to choose a vibrator for someone else. That's why we offer gift cards!

We know all too well that buying a vibrator for someone else can be confusing—even with great recommendations from us, people have different desires and preferences! Get your loved one a gift card, and let them pick out their favorite toy. It takes some pressure off you, and allows them to decide what they'll like best.

E-gift cards allow you to give an amazing, sexy gift—and let your recipient choose exactly what they desire! It's easy and you can shop later, together, if you like. 

Gift cards are also perfect last minute gifts, as we deliver them to you instantly. gift certificates are valid 5 years from purchase. As the purchaser, you will receive an email that contains the gift card. Simply forward it on to your recipient, or print it out and slide it into a card. Keep the code on the gift card a secret though, if someone else gets that code, they can use the value stored within the gift certificate.

Choose from 5 denominations: $10, $25, $50, $100 or $200. Select the amount you'd like your recipient to receive, and follow the easy steps to checkout. 

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