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Sensuva Lube - Our Favorite Personal Lubricant

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quick facts
Erosense Sync Lube is a bestselling sensual lubricant that feels amazing on your skin. Erosense Sync Lube is a water-based hybrid, and works with any toy. This is an 4.2 ounce size.
  • Erosense Sync Personal Lubricant
  • A long lasting lube
  • Silicone and water based
  • Fresh scent and no taste
item description

Sensuva Hybrid Lubricant is formulated with water and silicone for the most natural feel. It's hypoallergenic, latex friendly, silky smooth and easy to clean up. Sync is also vegan, cruelty-free, glycerine and paraben-free, pH balanced, and ideal for sensitive skin. It also comes in a convenient pump bottle.

Erosense Hybrid Lubricant combines the best of both worlds. Silicone lubes are long-lasting and ultra slippery, but can be a pain to clean up. Water-based lubricants are condom compatible and mess-free, but don't last as long. Sensuva Hybrid Personal Moisturizer combines all the good parts of silicone and water-based lubricants. It feels a lot like a woman's own natural moisture.

Note: Erosense Hybrid Lubricant used to be called Sync Lube. 

Net wt. 4.2 oz / 125 ml e.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I'm older now so I need some lube for when my husband and I have some "our time". I like this brand best.


I have always enjoyed sex and I didn't think I needed lube. My husband always got me ready and was gentle with me. But lately we have less time and it seems like if we rushed things the pain wasn't fun. I mentioned it to a girlfriend and she was like, "when I'm in a hurry I slap some lube on his dick and go!" so that's what I tried and she was so right. That's why I'm writing a great review.

Good Lube....

I have bought this a couple of times and it is very satisfactory . It is a good lube and long lasting .

My favorite thing about thi

My favorite thing about this lube? I can use it to get myself off or give my boyfriend a handjob, and my hand isn\'t even sticky afterward. It\'s moisturizing and seeps right into your skin, so you don\'t have that creepy lube-hand you don\'t know what to do with. This lube is long-lasting and never upsets my sensitive vagina, so that\'s even better.

This is my 3rd bottle, and

This is my 3rd bottle, and I can\'t get enough. I have a few lubes in my drawer, but the silky, non-tacky sensation of this one is my husband\'s favorite. It\'s safe for all of our toys too, which I love. I wish they had bigger size bottles!