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The Romp Dash

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quick facts
The ROMP Dash is a male masturbator we suggest instead of the Fleshlight. This silky masturbation sleeve features nubs, ridges and controllable suction.
  • The ROMP Dash
  • A discreet men's sex toy
  • Made from soft, stretchy, TPR
item description

The Dash is a new men's sex toy by Romp. We have replaced the Fleshlight Flight with this item due to customer dissatisfaction with the Fleshlight Flight. Our product experts at find that the Dash offers all of the features that people liked about the Flight without any of the downsides. This male masturbation sleeve gives you the high quality of a Fleshlight Flight without the hefty price tag, this male masturbator is significantly less expensive than the Flight.

What else do we like about the Dash? It doesn't look like female labia, like the Fleshlight does. This means it isn't weird for your partner to want to use it on you. It also allows you fantasize outside of whichever particular person was used to make a realistic pocket pussy. The Dash is a clear, stretchy donut that features textured nubs and ribs for the best masturbation experience.

The Romp Dash is made from Soft and Fleshy TPE to feel just like the real thing. The Dash is easy to clean and store. Both ends unscrew, and the sleeve comes out for easy cleaning. You can also use the removable end to control suction for different sensations during masturbation. The black case is discreet for easy storage.

Use the Dash with water-based personal lubricant. Clean with an antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner. Allow the Dash to air dry before you reassemble it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Feels Good. Works Well.

I like that I could adjust the suction. Worked for me and the price was good.

Bicurious Billy

Thanks for helping with curiosity of butt sex. I like.