Screaming O Vibrating Penis Ring

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quick facts
Want to try a vibrating penis ring? The Screaming O is an inexpensive, disposable vibrating penis ring with lots of zip. The Screaming O is a great first-time purchase.
  • A vibrating penis ring
  • Made of soft, stretchy jelly
  • Disposable


item description
The Screaming O is a disposable, vibrating penis ring that stimulates both partners simultaneously. It is a stretchy jelly ring with pleasure bumps and knobs. The Screaming O was designed to result in incredible orgasms.

This sensual, vibrating ring was created to provide both partners with maximum stimulation. Once correctly positioned, it will give gentle stimulation to the penis, while keeping him harder and making him last longer. The vibrations target her clitoris, providing the extra stimulation she needs to push her over the edge.

Try this ring out with your lover and have Screaming Os together. Comes with batteries.



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