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Ohnut Comfort Buffer Rings SALE
Ohnut Comfort Buffer Rings SALE
Ohnut Comfort Buffer Rings SALE

Ohnut Comfort Buffer Rings

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quick facts
Ohnut Comfort Buffer Rings are a romantic gift for couples that can be used to customize the depth of penetration, making sex more comfortable for the receiving partner.
  • Made of Body-Safe Polymer
  • 4 Rings per box
  • Each Ring 1" tall
  • item description

    The Ohnut Comfort Buffer Rings are one of the more unique romantic accessories we’ve come across, and one that some couples will find extremely useful. Ohnut Rings are soft, body-safe polymer rings that go around the base of the penis to help you customize the depth of penetration during sex. If deep penetration is painful for you, or your partner’s penis is too large, Ohnut Comfort Buffer Rings can be used to reduce the depth of penetration without reducing his pleasure. These rings are soft and stretchy enough to maximize comfort and pleasure for both partners, and should fit around any penis. Each ring is approximately 1 inch tall, there are four in the box, and you can use anywhere between one and all four of them to find the length that works best for you and your partner.

    Ohnut Comfort Buffer Rings are waterproof and made of an FDA-approved body-safe polymer. They are compatible with all water- and silicone-based lube, as well as condoms. They should be washed with sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water.

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