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Advanced Fireman's Pump SALE
Advanced Fireman's Pump SALE
Advanced Fireman's Pump SALE
Advanced Fireman's Pump SALE

Advanced Fireman's Penis Pump

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quick facts
The Advanced Fireman's Pump is a bright red automatic penis pump with superior suction that's hygienic, easy to use, and easy to clean.
  • An automatic penis pump
  • Made of silicone, SAN and ABS
  • Takes 2 AAA batteries
item description

The Advanced Fireman’s Pump is an effective, affordable, and easy-to-use penis pump, designed to help combat the effects of erectile dysfunction and similar conditions. Automatic penis pumps like the Advanced Fireman’s Pump work by sucking all the air out of the tube, creating a vacuum which increases blood flow and allows the penis to grow more than it could in air. This stylish bright red pump features a silicone base for hygiene and comfort, universal measurements along the cylinder to track your growth, and construction that fully disassembles for easy cleaning. It’s battery-powered to create superior suction, and has an auto start button with a quick air release feature.


The Advanced Fireman’s Pump requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). The cylinder is made of SAN, the base is made of silicone, and the controller at the top is made of ABS with some silver-plated decor. The Advanced Fireman’s Pump can be used with any water-based lubricant, and should be washed after use with warm water and soap or antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

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