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Welcome to Vibrator School! At, we're vibrator experts. We want to let you know everything there is to know about vibrators so you can make an informed decision regarding which vibrator is right for you. We have information on vibrator types, materials, history, care and use, to make choosing and owning a vibrator easy and fun. Read on to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about sex toys and vibrators.

  1. A Quick Guide to Finding the Right Vibrator For You If you know what kind of stimulation you prefer, we can quickly help you find the right vibrator for you.
  2. Types of Vibrators There are all different types of vibrators, from traditional to bullet to egg to rabbit and more—the varieties can seem endless. Let us help you understand what each type can do for you.
  3. What is Your Vibrator Made Of? Vibrator Materials Ever wonder what vibrators are made of? This page details what kind of sensations you can expect from hard plastic, jelly, silicone, latex, and Cyberskin vibrators.
  4. A Short History of Vibrators Ever wonder how the vibrator came into being? We explain why they were invented and how they have been used through the ages.
  5. Myths About Vibrators We're sure you've heard some interesting things about vibrators, like you'll become addicted to them or that something is wrong with you if you use one. Here we debunk common vibrator myths.
  6. Taking Care of Your Vibrator Want to make your vibrator last and last? Follow these simple care instructions to make the most and best of your vibrator.
  7. How do I Clean My Sex Toys? Cleaning your sex toys is simple. It is, however, the most important step in preserving the life of your toy. Different materials require different cleansing methods. Read on to learn the best way to clean your new toy.
  8. What Type of Lubricant Should I Use? Did you know that different types of lubricants are best used for certain activities or sex toys? Here are a few basic guidelines you should learn to prolong the life of your vibrator.
  9. What Is a Rabbit Vibrator? Have you heard about rabbit vibrators? Our all-time bestselling vibrator at is the Jack Rabbit. Read on to learn how rabbits were created, what they do, and how you can make your rabbit work for you.
  10. What Is the Strongest Vibrator I Can Purchase? Are you looking for the most powerful vibrator on the market? Read on to find out which vibrator is most powerful and what makes a vibrator stronger or weaker.
  11. When Should I Throw My Vibrator Away? How will you know when it's time to move on? Read our tongue-in-cheek guide to knowing when it's time to let go of your vibrator.
  12. Have Vibrator, Will Travel Want to take your sex toys on your next trip? If you're traveling by plane, you'll want to take these tips into consideration.
  13. How Can I Introduce Sex Toys into the Bedroom? Are you nervous about bringing up the idea of adding sex toys to your repertoire? Read this guide for tips on how to incorporate sex toys into your sex life.
  14. How Do Penis Rings Work? Penis rings constrict blood flow out of the penis for a firmer erection. Read our guide to learn what types of penis rings are offered and how to use them for fantastic results.
  15. What Is the Prostate and How Do I Find It? Are you curious about the prostate gland and how it can be stimulated? Read our Prostate Guide to find out everything you need to know about P-spot stimulation.
  16. What Is the G-Spot and How Do I Find It? If you are interested in finding your G-spot and experiencing G-spot orgasms, read this guide. You'll find excellent tips on how to locate and stimulate your G-spot.
  17. How Do I Have An Orgasm? Are you having difficulties achieving orgasm? This guide contains tips on how to have a completely fulfilling masturbation or partner sex experience.
  18. Vibrator Institute - Learn How We Measure Vibrator Performance The Vibrator Institute tests the Sound and Power levels of every vibrator, helping you find the best vibrator for your individual needs and desires.