Different Types of Vibrators

Types of Vibrators
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There are all different types of vibrators, from traditional to bullet to egg to rabbit and more—the varieties can seem endless. Let us help you understand what each type can do for you.

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What type of vibrator is right for you? There are many kinds of vibrators, from bullets to traditional slim vibes to rabbits. Which one will you enjoy?
Types of Vibrators
How do you know which type of vibrator is right for you? A lot depends on the shape of the vibrator, and what type of stimulation it provides (i.e., G-spot, clitoral or vaginal). Read this rundown on vibrator types to see which one fits your own preferences.

Bullet Vibrators -- Bullet vibrators are tiny, discreet and can be used all over the body, internally or externally. They are very versatile. They travel easily, are often inexpensive and can be enjoyed by women or men. Bullets are usually hard-shelled (either plastic or aluminum) or covered with a soft rubber or jelly coating. Try them on your nipples, labia, clitoris or G-spot. You can use them on your clit during sex or use them on the scrotum for increased sensations.

Traditional Vibrators -- When we refer to a traditional vibrator, we mean your basic hard-shelled plastic vibrator, measuring anywhere from four to eight inches long. These vibrators are meant for targeted external and internal stimulation. They vibrate at multiple speeds, which are usually controlled by a knob at the base of the vibrator. Traditional vibrators can run on AA or C cell batteries. They vary in power and speed, but the hard shell means you feel more vibration. 

Realistic Vibrators -- A realistic vibrator has a phallic shape, with all the details of a real penis. Realistic vibes vary in size and shape, but are generally made of silicone, jelly or rubber materials, giving them a softer feel. Realistic vibes can be used internally or externally. They vary in vibration speeds and battery types as well. We have a big collection of realistic vibrators. Check out a lineup of our favorites here: The Easy Way to Choose A Realistic Vibrator.

Rabbit Vibrators -- Rabbit vibrators stimulate your vaginal walls and your clitoris, simultaneously. Rabbits have a rotating or oscillating shaft that's lined with massaging beads—this is the part you use internally. They also feature vibrating bunny ears that caress and massage your clitoris. We carry all sorts of rabbits, ranging from value buys to luxury models. See our Rabbit Vibrator Selection for details.

G-Spot Vibrators -- G-spot vibrators were designed to locate and stimulate your G-spot. Some G-spot vibrators are hard and rigid; some are soft and flexible. G-spot vibrators feature a curved or hooked head for targeted stimulation. Check out the our G-Spot Vibrator collection for an idea of the types of G-spot vibrators you can try.

Clitoral Stimulators -- Some vibrators were designed especially for clitoral stimulation. Some of these vibrators are wearable, and some are shaped to fit over your pubic bone. You can use these discreet vibrators during sex or solo play. Our favorites are the Lelo Nea, the Lelo Siri, the Venus Butterfly, and the Jumpin Gyrator Bullet Vibrator.

Specialty Vibrators -- Some vibrators defy categorization. They still vibrate and provide all sorts of stimulation; they just have unique, innovative and spectacular shapes and functions. Check out our Unique Vibrators section to see what we're talking about. Thrusting Vibrators and Clit Suckers are more new sex toys we love! 

Toys for Couples -- All vibrators can be used with a partner, but some are made to be worn during sex, either by him or her. We carry vibrating penis rings, hands-free vibrators that she can wear over her clitoris, kits for couples, the Tongue Dinger and finger vibes. We also stock premium massage oils and creams. We think a healthy sex life includes all kinds of exploration, either solo or during lovemaking. At Vibrators.com, we encourage you to include your partner in the shopping process.