Our Favorite Anal Sex Toys

Our Favorite Anal Sex Toys

Need help easing into anal? Anal play and anal sex can be supremely pleasurable, but often we go too fast, and experience pain instead. Great anal sex and anal play is all about slowing down and relaxing into the experience, as well as so. much. lube.

And when we say slowing down, we mean it! Spend time on the outside of your anus first, experimenting with different strokes and speeds. Breathe deeply, as though you can breathe all the way into your butthole. We know it might sound a bit woo-woo, but when you envision this, your bum will relax with each exhales. Think of it as yoga for your generally clenched asshole.

Once you begin experiencing pleasure with your anal stroking, you can try inserting a finger or small butt plug. Go slow, and keep up with the deep breath, noticing how your anus relaxes and tightens as you breathe. What if you took 5 minutes (or more!) to fully insert your finger, millimeter by millimeter, and picked up more lube every few moments? That's what we suggest. You can also try a lube shooter or lube insert —more lube is always better for anal play.

With time and practice, you'll be able to relax and surrender a little bit faster, but anal sex is still a long game for most people. Sets like the Wearable Anal Sex Training Kit are perfect for building up to larger plugs, and eventually multiple fingers, or a penis. 

Here are some of our favorite smaller toys and anal stretching kits, and how to use them to move toward so much anal pleasure!

wearable anal training kit

The Wearable Anal Training Set

Our favorite anal training set is made from silky, seam-free silicone, and features a small butt plug that's the size of a tiny pinky! From there, sizes graduate all the way up to 3.5 inches long and 1.2 inches in diameter. This set is hands-down the best way to train your bum if you have a tighter anus or have never attempted anal play. Start small, use plenty of castor oil or a good anal lube, and simply breathe deep as you slowly insert these plugs. If you plan on wearing them around (which you can!), make sure to use even more lube, so that they're easy and comfortable to pull out when you're ready. 

booty rocket

Booty Rocket Vibrating Butt Plug

The Booty Rocket is the perfect size butt plug for beginners, and provides incredibly strong vibration to your sensitive anal nerve endings. Beware, it may shoot across the room when you orgasm ... but we promise, it's worth it!

chrome heart butt plug set

Chrome Heart Butt Plug Set

Another way to work your way up to larger toys, Chrome can feel smoother and sexier to insert than silicone. We love the flared shape and weighty feel of these but plugs, and they're easy to wear around for a couple hours. The hearts make them perfect for surprising or flashing a lover.

our best anal sex training kit

B-Vibe Anal Training Set

If you'd like to work your way to pain-free, orgasmic anal sex, this the kit for you! We're in love with all the sensations available in this kit—from a very small plug, to a medium vibrating butt plug, to a large probe that will get you ready for a penis or dildo. This kit comes with a fantastic educational book about anal play and anal sex, as well as a small anal douche, and a lube launcher. All you need to supply is the lube! This luxurious kit is perfect for experiencing massive anal pleasure.

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