Toy of the Month - Lelo Enigma

Toy of the Month - Lelo Enigma

THE sex toy for perfect blended orgasms

This June, our sex toy of the month is the Lelo Enigma. This gorgeous luxury sex toy combines air pulsing clitoral stimulation with deep internal g-spot vibrations. If you like oral sex plus penetration—and want a luxury sex toy that will last for years to come—the Lelo Enigma is the toy for you!

The Lelo Enigma has a flexible shape that allows it work for most bodies. Simply insert the shaft, and line the air pulsator up just above or directly on your clitoris. We love the eight different settings on the Lelo Enigma: the air pulsator works in concert with the dildo vibration, and you can choose from regular vibration, different speed pulsations, or amazing patterns that feel like waves, as you ride clit stimulation to g-spot stimulation and back again.

The controls on the Lelo Enigma are easy to use: simply press the middle button to scroll through types of stimulation, and press the (+) and (-) buttons to add or subtract intensity. You can simply lie back and enjoy the ride, or rock against this toy if you like.

We like the mouth on the Lelo Enigma because it's a bit wider than on other clitoral toys, and it stimulates not only your external clitoris, but your internal clitoris. When you add stimulation from the other side—from the g-spot vibrations within—you surround all the structures of the clitoris with vibration and stimulation. This toy gives easy, fast, blended orgasms that you'll feel reverberating in your entire body!

Grab the Lelo Enigma here. 

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