5 Things You Didn't Know About The Clitoris

5 Things You Didn't Know About The Clitoris

1. Did you know you can only see 10% of your clitoris? The rest of your clitoris lies beneath your vulva! 

The diagram above is an artistic rendition of the clitoris' shape. The top depicts the visible portion of the clitoris—the hood and glans. See those long pieces that go around the sides? Those are called the arms, and they extend up into your pelvis. The plump parts around the vaginal opening? That's all erectile tissue, and it fills with blood when you're aroused.

2. Your clitoris is around the same length of an average penis.

The clitoris is 3-5 inches long, depending on your unique body! It snakes up and around your vaginal canal.

3. Full female arousal—that is, complete engorgement of the erectile tissues of the clitoris—takes 30-45 minutes.

30-45 minutes! This means that a 10 minute sexual experience usually isn't going to cut it—not for the deepest pleasure, anyway.

4. The full body of the clitoris is made up of 8000 nerve endings.

That's 2 to 3 times more nerves than in the penis. The clitoris is also the only organ designed purely for pleasure.

5. No two clitorises are the same!

Different clitorises like different types of stimulation. That's why we carry clit suckers and vibrators with different bells and whistles, and different types of vibration. Some clitorises love to be stimulated from the inside: there are theories that the g-spot is actually the root of the clitoris!

To get to know your clitoris even better, take more time solo or with a partner to stimulate the entire vulva. Try new strokes. You might try long, deep massage strokes on the outer labia, from top to bottom, or rolling the flesh in your fingers. Or try a bullet vibrator, tracing not only the visible part of the clitoris, but the area just above it, all the way down into the inner labia.

Check out some of our favorite clitoral vibrators and stimulators, and don't stop exploring!


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