Tongue Dinger - Makes Your Tongue Vibrate

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quick facts
The Tongue Dinger fits securely on your tongue to make your tongue vibrate. It vibrates for up to 40 minutes. The Tongue Dinger was Vibrator of the Year 2007.
  • A bullet vibrator that fits over your tongue
  • Works for 40 minutes
  • Disposable


item description
The Tongue Dinger is a tongue vibrator that is amazingly handy to have around during oral sex. This little vibrator will turn your tongue into your partner's favorite sex toy.

The Tongue Dinger has a jelly loop that holds the vibrator snugly on your tongue.

The Tongue Dinger includes batteries and will keep on buzzing long after you've grown tired. There is an easy on-off switch to make sure that this fun little toy lasts a while. The Tongue Dinger's batteries offer more than 40 minutes of powerful vibrating pleasure. The Dinger vibrates at a gentle purr.

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