The Best Vibrators of 2013

The Top Ten Vibrators of 2013
executive summary picks the 10 best vibrators of 2013. Our team of experts choose vibrators that we are sure you will love. Learn about the latest and greatest vibrators here.

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The Best Vibrators of 2013 from
The Top Ten Vibrators of 2013 is excited to announce our picks for the Top Ten Vibrators of 2013. Our experts have scientifically tested all the vibrators on market to bring you a list of only the best. Find them here:

Vibrators improve every year, as technology advances and becomes more readily available. Our new favorite vibrators are made of high-quality, body-safe materials. They feature easy-to-use controls. They may use rechargeable lithium batteries instead of traditional batteries. More importantly, they feel amazing. These vibrators feature multiple speeds and vibrate intensely, with intuitive, stimulating vibration patterns. They're also quiet and discreet.

Here at, we test every vibrator on the market for sound and vibration. We examine the materials, functions, vibration patterns, feel and quality of each vibrator. We only carry the best of the best, to make shopping easier for women. The vibrators we chose to be our Best Vibrators of 2013 are made from high-quality materials; they're quiet; and they impart unbelievable, unrelenting vibrations. These are our expert picks: the vibrators we're positive that women will enjoy most. Buzz in the New Year with one of our Best Vibrators of 2013.