The Best Vibrators of 2013 is happy to list the top 10 vibrators of 2013. This page contains the best of the best in vibrators. How do we know? Did you know that we test every vibrator for sound and vibration level in our search for the most powerful, quietest vibrators available? Did you know that we carefully choose materials, designs, and manufacturers to ensure your safety? We do, it is what makes the world's leading experts on Vibrators. So, when we nominate our top ten vibrators, you should really have a look.

  1. Fantasy Vibrator - Unrelenting Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrations V-JO-4764-14-3 The Fantasy Vibrator is a girthy, substantial vibrator that surrounds your most sensitive areas and sends strong vibrations to your g-spot and clitoris. $185.99 $94.99 You save 49%
  2. Plush Bullet Vibrator - Ultra-Powerful - Clearance! The Plush Vibrator feels incredible, with its thick, soft silicone sleeve and unrelenting vibrations. Enjoy its five unrelenting patterns of vibration with the push of a button. Out of stock You save 64%
  3. The Lelo Siri 2 Vibrator - Whisper Quiet and Powerful COMBO-V98301 Experience bliss with the Lelo Siri clitoral vibrator. The Siri is one of our strongest, quietest vibrators. Lelo vibrators are some of the best on the market. $249.99 $174.99 You save 30%
At, we test every vibrator on the market for sound and vibration. We examine the materials, functions, vibration patterns, feel and quality of each vibrator. We only carry the best of the best, to make shopping easier for you. These are the Best Vibrators of 2013. These vibrators are made from high-quality materials; they're quiet; and they impart unbelievable, unrelenting vibrations. These are our expert picks: the vibrators we know you'll enjoy most.