Vibrator Batteries and Accessories at has actually tested all of the national brands of batteries in vibrators to see which one lasted longest. Duracell won our review, so that is the brand of battery that we sell. Less expensive, generic batteries tended to last about half as long, so if you're looking for something more affordable just to try them out, the other brands of batteries we sell are a good value. We also sell several storage options to help you store your sex toys discreetly and fashionably.

Buying a vibrator can be an unusual experience. You may want to make the purchase and skeedaddle. We would like to remind you to purchase batteries and other vibrator accessories. That way, you can start playing with your new toys as soon as you receive them. We carry all sex toy batteries. Vibrators take regular batteries like watch batteries, AA batteries, AAA batteries, C batteries and N batteries. Find what you need to keep your motor running.