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Jelle Anal Lubricant SALE
Jelle Anal Lubricant SALE

Jelle Anal Lubricant

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quick facts
Jelle Anal Lube provides plenty of cushion for slick anal play. This thick lubricant stays where you put it, providing slickness where you need it most.
  • Jelle Anal Lube
  • Water-based and condom-friendly
  • Thick and super slick for anal play
item description
Anal play and anal sex need a lot of lube, to keep your delicate rectum safe and happy. That's why thick lubricants like Wicked Jelle are best. Thick lubricants are ultra-concentrated, meaning more slippery slickness when you need it most.

Jelle Anal Lube is thick, water-based, and ultra-slick for extra cushion and superior glide. This anal lubricant stays where you put it. It's condom-friendly, pH balanced, long-lasting, and cleans up easily.

Paraben and glycerin-free. Made in the USA.

120mL/4.0 fl. oz.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nice and thick, lasted a long time

I like lube to not be runny. It should stick to the toys a bit. This lube is nice and thick and it lasts a long time. Great lube.

Nice for a minute

Good food the first 5 minutes but it drys after a while.. if you are into serious anal play I would look for something else.

I\'d like to give this lubr

I\'d like to give this lubricant the \'best ever, oh my god, that feels so amazing, how are you doing that, do it again\' Award. When my boyfriend rubs it on me, I get off so quickly it\'s almost embarrassing. Just feels incredible, I can\'t even describe it.

Maximus! My champion! It wo

Maximus! My champion! It works great for anal, toys, everything! This is my lube of choice for masturbation as well, because you only need a little bit to get the job done, and done well.

Lube in a pump is the best

Lube in a pump is the best invention ever. Not only that, but this lube is so good for everything. Hand jobs, oral sex, sex, anal sex ... there really isn\'t anything I wouldn\'t use this lube for.