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Ben-Wa Balls 360 degree view SALE
Ben-Wa Balls SALE
Ben-Wa Balls SALE
Ben-Wa Balls SALE
Ben-Wa Balls SALE
Ben-Wa Balls SALE
ben wa balls SALE
benwa balls SALE

Ben-Wa Balls

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quick facts
Ben-Wa balls have been used for centuries by women who want to strengthen their vaginal muscles. Ben-Wa Balls are known for their ability to stimulate you as well.
  • A set of Ben-Wa balls
  • Strengthen and stimulate your vaginal walls
item description
Ben Wa Balls are used to massage your G-spot and vaginal walls, and also work to strengthen your PC muscles. These discreet pleasure balls can be worn at any time during the day, unbeknownst to anyone but you. You can also insert them before sex to stimulate yourself and your partner.

These gold Ben Wa Balls come in a crystalline carrying case and measure 3/4 inch across. Two Ben Wa Balls per package.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Meh. Not for sexual purposes

Had heard good things and wanted to give Ben Wa balls a try. These are quite small. The metal coloring also looks slightly off, as those the balls have been clinking together a lot and caused some paint to chip off- Granted, I don't think this is what is happening. Nothing comes off at all, even when I picked at it. It just looks that way.

I gave them two stars because they would probably be good for actual pelvic floor strengthening but I couldn't seem to figure out how it was supposed to also feel good sexually. Having them in actually gave me brief cramps that felt just like period pain. When they moved inside, I'd get a burst of that pain again. Tried masturbating with them inside and had no change in experience other than the occasional "period" pain feelings. Haven't used them since.

I got these. Terrible. They

I got these. Terrible. They\'re so small that when they\'re in, they move to the back of your vagina. I had no problem keeping them in, but the do not move at all. After a while I just fished them out and tossed them.

These things were just a bi

These things were just a big waste of money for me. I can\'t seem to keep them in! I walk from point A and before I can get to point B to sit and have a little fun muscling them around, they have fallen out.

After a month of use, I\'m

After a month of use, I\'m much tighter. I put them in before I take a shower and make sure to do kegel exersizes the entire time I\'m in there. I have noticed it\'s easier to orgasm and they\'re much stronger when I do!

Ben Wa balls

I\'ve heard about Ben Wa balls for years so I finally decided to try them. I\'m not sure if I\'ve noticed a big difference yet, but they\'re easy to put in and keep in. I\'m hoping for good results!