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Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner SALE
Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner SALE

Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner

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quick facts
The best cleaner for vibrators and adult toys. Adult Toy Cleaner is easy to use and contains triclosan. This cleanser can prolong the life and feel of your toys.
  • An antibacterial cleanser
  • Easy to use
  • 4.30 fluid ounces
item description
Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner is an antibacterial sex toy soap that thoroughly cleans your vibrators and sex toys. It is very important to clean your sex toys before and after use: It prolongs the life of your sex toys and protects you from from infection (especially if you share your toys with a partner).

You have choices when it comes to cleaning your sex toys. Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner contains triclosan, an antibacterial soap. This ingredient make Cal Ex Toy Cleaner a powerful and effective cleanser. If you choose not to purchase a specially formulated sex toy cleanser, make sure to keep antibacterial soap on hand to clean your sex toys.

To use adult toy cleaner: Liberally spray toys before and after using them. After spraying, carefully rinse toys in running water. Towel dry using paper towels. Anti-Bacterial Sex Toy Cleaner is compatible with natural and synthentic materials.

Each bottle contains 4.30 fluid ounces (128g).

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