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An Inflatable Sex Position Pillow

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An Inflatable Sex Position Pillow:
Elevate Your Adventure: FF Inflatable Position Master Wedge (Black)

Why We Love This Product:
- Versatile Support: Provides the perfect angle for deeper penetration and enhanced sensations in various positions.
- Stability with Ease: EZ-Grip love handles ensure you maintain your position comfortably without compromising your rhythm.
- Discreet & Portable: Easily inflatable for use and deflatable for travel or storage, making it ideal for romantic getaways.
- Durable & Easy to Clean: A slanted, flocked design not only prevents slipping but also hides lubricant stains, ensuring simple cleanup.

Product Information:
The Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Series introduces the Inflatable Position Master Wedge, your secret weapon for exploring new realms of pleasure. Crafted in sleek black, this position aid allows couples to effortlessly venture into new positions, offering support where it's needed most. Whether you're looking to enhance intimacy or explore more adventurous positions, this wedge is designed to elevate your experience.

Usage Details:
Inflate the Position Master using the air seal valve for quick setup. Utilize the EZ-Grip love handles to explore and maintain positions with ease. After enjoying heightened pleasure from the perfect angles it provides, simply deflate and pack away for next time. Its compact design when deflated makes it a discreet companion for any escapade.

Why You Will Love It:
- Enhanced Pleasure: Discover new positions and depths with ease, enhancing both comfort and sensation.
- Maintain Control: Love handles allow for better grip and stability, keeping you in the moment.
- Travel-Friendly: Compact and lightweight when deflated, it’s ready for any secret or spontaneous getaway.
- Durability: Strong enough to hold up to 300 lbs, it's built for vigorous use and is easy to maintain.

Technical Specifications:
- Material: Durable PVC with a flocked surface
- Color: Black
- Inflated Dimensions: 8" tall (tapering to 3" tall) x 16" long x 23" wide
- Weight Capacity: Up to 300 lbs
- Features: EZ-Grip love handles, air seal valve for easy inflation, slanted design for stability

Packaging Includes:
- 1 x Inflatable Position Master Wedge
- Quick Inflation and Deflation Instructions

Transform your intimate experiences with the FF Inflatable Position Master Wedge. It's more than just a bedroom accessory; it's a gateway to uncharted pleasure, providing the support and angles needed for exhilarating exploration.

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