Top Ten Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators have a reputation for being some of the strongest vibrators in the world, and are some of the most loved by women everywhere. But even within this category, there's some that are better than others. Here are our top ten favorite wand vibrators!

Fembot Wand#10: Fembot Wand

We love the Fembot Wand because it has a futuristic feel to it that'll make you feel like a badass fembot from the future! A digital readout on the front of the wand shows you the current RPM, so you know exactly how powerful it is!

Sola Curved Wand#9: Sola Curved Wand

Most Wand Vibrators are advertised as back massagers, but few do this double duty as well as the Sola Curved Wand! The angle of this wand makes it great at reaching your back and other hard-to-reach places!

Unicorn Wand#8: Unicorn Wand

If you're looking for the cutest wand in the world, then it would be hard to beat the Unicorn Wand! We love this wand's fun color scheme and the cute little unicorn head cover that it comes with!

Thunderstick Wand#7: Thunderstick Wand

If sheer power is what you want, the Thunderstick Wand is one of the most powerful vibrators we've ever tested. It's not cord-free like some others and it doesn't have as many functions, but it is very, very powerful!

Embrace Body Wand#6: Embrace Body Wand

The Embrace Body Wand is a dual motor wand vibrator - you don't see those every day! With one motor in the wand head and another in the other end, this versatile wand can be used for all types of stimulation!

Mega Wanachi#5: Mega Wanachi

The Mega Wanachi is HUGE! This makes all the other wand vibrators look like bullet vibes. It's really loud and not very portable, so if discretion is important to you then it might not be the best fit, but if all you care about is power and surface area, you can't go wrong here!

Velvet 401#4: Velvet 401

The Velvet 401 is part of the exclusive Velvet collection! This means that we can sell this unrelentingly powerful vibrator cheaper than most toys, making it a great value!

Magic Wand#3: The Classic Wand

This Wand is the classic that put wand vibrators on the map in the first place, and it's still one of the best selling and most popular wand vibrators on the market today! We would recommend it to anyone!

Shibari Wand#2: Shibari Wand Vibrator

The Shibari Wand Vibrator is more powerful than the above Wand, has more settings, and best of all, it's cord-free, so you don't have to worry about a power cord getting in the way of your pleasure!

Doxy Vibrator#1: Ultra Strong Wand Vibrator

Coming in at #1, our favorite wand vibrator is this Wand Vibrator! This top-of-the-line sex toy is made with the highest quality materials to bring you some of the most powerful orgasms you've ever experienced. There's even a deluxe version available for the truly discerning!