Top Ten Vibrators for the Inexperienced

Looking to make your initial foray into the world of vibrators and don't know where to start? We've got you covered! We carry lots of vibrators that are designed to be easy and comfortable for inexperienced users to use. Check out our Top Ten Favorite Vibrators for the Inexperienced here!

Mini Stimulus Vibrator#10: Mini Stimulus Vibrator

The Mini Stimulus Vibrator is super tiny, barely even 4 inches long in total! This cute pink little vibe makes a great clitoral vibrator as it's not too big and not too overwhelming!

Slim Waterproof Vibrator#9: Slim Waterproof Vibrator

The Slim Waterproof Vibrator is particularly slender, with a diameter of only an inch. This makes it ideal for women who have trouble opening up or don't have much experience putting something larger inside. Plus it's waterproof, so you can use it in the tub, which might make it easier!

First Time Dual Motor Vibe#8: Dual Motor Vibrator

If you're curious about dual motor vibrators - toys that pleasure both your clitoris and g-spot simultaneously - this is a great starting point! The only reason it's so far down this list is, for your initial toy, we might recommend focusing on one or the other. But for your second or third, check this out!

Euphoria Vibrator#7: Euphoria Vibrator

The Euphoria Vibrator is an excellent introduction to the world of silicone, the highest quality vibrator material! Silicone vibrators like this are soft and comfortable, and this one's a great size for inexperienced users!

Athena Pocket Rocket#6: Athena Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket vibrators are a discreet and portable style of clitoral vibrator, and the Athena Pocket Rocket is an excellent one! It's small, waterproof, and battery-powered, making it super convenient and easy to use.

Marvelous Bunny Vibrator#5: Marvelous Bunny

The Marvelous Bunny is part of the Mini Marvels collection, a line of cute brightly colored vibes that are all great clitoral toys. It just so happens that this is one of the quietest, strongest, most popular, and most beginner-friendly of the bunch!

Butterfly Kiss#4: Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

The Butterfly Kiss is an ultra-affordable and basic vibrator with both a clitoral and g-spot stimulator. It's not the highest quality toy of its kind by any stretch of the imagination, but it's so affordable that you can use it to find out if you like this type of toy, then get a better one!

First Time G-Spot Vibe#3: G-Spot Vibrator

If g-spot pleasure is what you're looking for, this is your perfect starting point. This G-Spot Vibrator is a no-frills basic vibe shaped to perfectly hit your g-spot.

Romance Vibrator#2: Romance Vibrator

When it comes to traditional / g-spot style vibrators that don't make a lot of noise, the Romance Vibrator just can't be beat. This powerful and quiet purple vibrator has been one of our bestsellers for years and years, and for good reason!

My First Vibrator#1: My Vibrator

It should come as no surprise, that our #1 favorite vibrator for inexperienced users is the My Vibrator! This traditional-style vibrator is the prototypical sex toy, and while it might not look as advanced as other toys, you'd be amazed how versatile its straight design can be for different types of pleasure!