Top Ten Unique Vibrators

Over the two decades we've been in business, we have seen a loooot of different vibrators come through our doors. And we must say, some of them are a lot more unusual than others. But unusual doesn't mean bad, and in fact, some of our favorite vibrators are some of the most unique ones! Here are our Top Ten Unique Vibrators!

iScream Vibrator#10: iScream Vibrator

Functionally, the iScream Vibrator is a pretty standard (and powerful!) clitoris vibrator. What makes it so unique is its shape - it looks just like an ice cream cone! It's perfect if you're looking for a super cute vibrator, or a discreet one (who would suspect an ice cream cone?)

Evoke Massage Wheel#9: Evoke Massage Wheel

We had never seen a wheel-shaped vibrator before the Evoke Massage Wheel, but we think it's a great idea! Not only is it an excellent clitoris toy, it's great for full-body massage!

King Cock Double Penetrator#8: King Cock Double Penetrator

Anal play is more popular than ever these days, but many women find it intimidating to explore for the first time with a partner. Luckily, we have unusual vibrators like the King Cock Double Penetrator which you can use to experiment with anal play and double penetration!

Halo Orb Vibrator#7: Halo Orb Vibrator

An orb may not be the first shape that comes to mind when you think of sex toys, but we were blown away by how amazing this unique clitoris toy feels - plus, it's chock full of all the latest features and technologies!

Clit Kisser Vibrator#6: Clitoris Kisser Vibrator

If you think the Clitoris Kisser Vibrator looks weird and kind of creepy, we totally agree with you. But that doesn't change the fact that it feels amazing - a vibrating bullet paired with a flickering tongue equals incredible clitoris stimulation!

Love Stick Bendable Vibe#5: Love Stick Bendable Vibe

It's a straight, flat stick of silicone. How sexy could that be? A lot sexier than you might expect! The Love Stick is incredibly flexible and bendable, making it versatile to use in all sorts of ways during sex or masturbation!

Rechargeable Clitoral Pump#4: Rechargeable Pumper

The Rechargeable Pumper uses a unique method of clitoris stimulation - in addition to lightly vibrating, it also creates a suction effect around your clitoris, which when combined with the teasing ticklers inside produces titillating results!

The Saddle#3: The Saddle

The Saddle is a riding-style vibrator, like the more well-known Sybian, but with a higher quality construction. These riding vibrators are quite unique in the sex toy world, and considerably pricier than other vibrator types, but if you can afford them, you'll see that there's a reason they're so expensive!

The Sqweel#2: The Sqweel

The Sqweel was one of the first weird vibrators we saw, and it remains one of the strangest we've ever sold. We started selling it thinking people would buy it as a gag gift or joke, but it turns out that the Sqweel is actually an amazing clitoris toy that mimics the feeling of oral sex remarkably well!

The Womanizer#1: The Original Suction Toy

We didn't think anything would ever top the Sqweel on this list, but we're happy that we were wrong. This toy has a terrible name and it doesn't look like much, but women have reported orgasming faster than ever before (like, ever) with the totally unique clitoris sucking and blowing sensation created by this one-of-a-kind premium vibrator.