Top Ten Sex Toys for Men

Most of the toys we sell at are sex toys designed for women, but we have no shortage of sex toys for men, too! From cock rings to penis pumps, prostate stimulators to pocket pussies, we've got everything you need to enhance male pleasure! Here are our Top Ten Sex Toys for Men!

Scrotum Support Pouch#10: Scrotum Support Pouch

Obviously, most male sex toys focus on the penis. But you shouldn't neglect the balls! The scrotum support pouch has a bullet vibrator that delivers vibrating sensations to your balls for a new kind of pleasure.

Penis Pump Kit#9: Penis Pump Kit

Penis Pumps are a great way to add length and help combat ED, and the Penis Pump Kit includes not only a penis pump, but also a butt plug and cock rings, so you can try out all sorts of things!

Colt Vibrating Cock Ring#8: Colt Vibrating Cock Ring

The Colt Rechargeable Cock Ring is one of our favorite vibrating penis rings! These are great sex aids that help you stay hard longer and add extra sensations for you and your partner.

Vibrating Head Teaser#7: Vibrating Head Teaser

The Vibrating Head Teaser sleeve fits around the head of your penis, which is the most sensitive part, and surrounds it in unrelenting vibrations that will drive you wild!

Virtual Reality Stroker#6: Virtual Reality Stroker

The future is here! This set comes with a high quality male masturbator and a virtual reality headset, which can play virtual reality porn for the most realistic experience ever!

Small Vibrating Butt Plug#5: Small Vibrating Butt Plug

The Vibrating Butt Plug is small and inexpensive, making it a perfect starting point for men who are looking to experiment with the world of anal play and prostate stimulation!

Rippled Real Feel Masturbator#4: Rippled Real Feel Male Masturbator

The Rippled Real Feel Male Masturbator is a high quality men's sex toy available at an affordable price. We love the realistically textured inside!

The Fleshlight#3: The Fleshlight

The Fleshlight was the first famous men's sex toy, and was synonymous with male masturbators for a long time. It's still one of the best toys on the market, and as an added bonus, you get a free bottle of lube when you order it here!

Intense Prostate Vibrator#2: Intense Prostate Vibrator

The Intense Prostate Vibrator is our most popular prostate vibrator, and for good reason. This intensely powerful anal vibrator will bring you prostate pleasure and orgasms like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Pulse Sex Toy for Men#1: Pulse III Sex Toy

The Pulse III Men's Sex Toy is our favorite sex toy for men for one simple reason: it doesn't care whether you're hard or not. This vibrating sleeve is so powerful and designed in such a way that it can make a flaccid penis erect, making it great for ED sufferers. And if you put an already erect penis in here, well, you can only imagine how good that's going to feel.