Top Ten Rabbit Vibrators of 2017

Rabbit Vibrators are one of the most popular styles of vibrators in the world right now. Rabbit vibrators are a type of dual motor vibrator; toys that have both clitoral and internal stimulating portions. But just having two pleasure points isn't enough to be considered a Rabbit - at, we only consider a vibrator a true rabbit if it does something more than just vibrate, like if it also thrusts, for example. Of all the vibrators that meet that criteria, here are our Top Ten Favorite Rabbit Vibrators.

Thrusting Panther Vibrator#10: Thrusting Panther Vibrator

The Thrusting Panther has a thrusting shaft, a vibrating panther-shaped clitoral stimulator, and a wide array of independently controllable functions for both. It's a great example of what a rabbit vibrator can do.

Original Jack Rabbit#9: Original Jack Rabbit Vibrator

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator is the rabbit vibe that started the rabbit vibe craze. It's since been greatly improved upon by newer models, but the original is much more affordable than some of the fancier vibes out there, making it a great starting point!

Rose Petal Rabbit Vibe#8: Rose Petal Rabbit Vibrator

The Rose Petal Rabbit Vibrator has a unique clitoral stimulator that sets it apart from lots of other rabbits. Instead of the typical flickering bunny ears, the rose-like shape engulfs your clitoris and surrounds it with vibration from all sides!

Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit#7: Advanced Jack Rabbit

The Advanced Jack Rabbit is one of those new-and-improved models of the jack rabbit we mentioned. Its features include more functions, and fully submersible so you can take it in the shower or bath!

Rabbit Habit#6: Japanese Deluxe Rabbit

This Rabbit Deluxe is a premium rabbit vibrator made in Japan. Japanese construction means that in particular you know that the motor is going to be one of the finest quality available, and you can really feel the quality when you use it!

Double Penetration Rabbit#5: Double Penetration Rabbit

If you're looking to get particularly adventurous and experimental, this is the rabbit for you. It consists of not only a penetrating shaft and a clitoral stimulator, but also a third branch of soft beads which goes in your ass to experiment with anal play. It's a lovely combination!

Luxe Touch Sensitive Rabbit#4: Luxe Touch Sensitive Rabbit

The Luxe Rabbit uses a pretty unique control system - it's touch-sensitive, meaning the deeper it goes, the more powerful the vibrations get! We were skeptical at first, but it really works, and it's really cool!

Petite Purple Jack Rabbit#3: Petite Jack Rabbit

If you're looking for a rabbit vibrator that's a little smaller, either because it's your first time or you have a sensitive vagina that has trouble opening up, check out the Petite Jack Rabbit! With only 5 inches of insertable length and a diameter of just 1.25 inches, it's a great choice if you want something a little smaller.

Thundercloud Rabbit#2: Thundercloud Rabbit

If you want something big, on the other hand, the Thundercloud Rabbit is the toy for you. This rabbit is a whopping 2.5 inches in diameter, making it one of our girthiest vibrators and perfect for size queens.

Quiet Strong Waterproof Rabbit#1: Quiet, Strong Rabbit Vibrator

This is our #1 top-selling rabbit vibrator, and you only have to look at its name to understand why. It's quiet, it's powerful, it's usable underwater, and it's got some other great features as well. It's reasonably priced, too, and we would recommend this rabbit for anyone who wants one!