Top Ten Quietest Vibrators

There are lots of different criteria that women have when searching for a vibrator. If the most important aspect to you personally is power, then look no further. We carry a collection of the most powerful vibrators in the world, and on this page we've collected our current Top Ten favorite powerful vibrators.

Mini Vibrating Pendant#10: Tiny Vibrating Pendant

The Tiny Vibrating Pendant isn't particularly powerful, but it's super quiet and super little and discreet - you could even wear its cord around your neck and no one would ever suspect you're carrying a sex toy everywhere you go!

Perfect Mini Vibrator#9: The Perfect Tiny Vibrator

This vibrator is fairly little, making it an excellent choice for first-time users! We also love its bubble-like ridged texture, its two prongs of stimulation, and how quiet it is.

Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator#8: Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

The Waterproof Rabbit is one of the quietest rabbit vibrators we've ever come across! Women love rabbit vibrators because they combine clitoral vibration with internal thrusting, and this one does so relatively quietly!

Lucid Dreams Vibrator#7: Lucid Dreams Vibrator

If you like g-spot stimulation, the Lucid Dreams Vibrator is a great choice! This vibe is a pretty semi-translucent color and is angled to deliver the ultimate g-spot pleasure!

Chakra Bullet Vibrator#6: Chakra Bullet Vibrator

If on the other hand clitoral pleasure is more your thing, check out the Chakra Bullet Vibrator! This little red bullet is incredibly powerful despite its size, and very quiet too! Plus, its controller is very elegant looking.

Form One Vibrator#5: Form One Vibrator

If you're looking for a vibrator that you can wear during sex that won't make loud noises to distract you and your partner, check out the Form One! This is a wearable vibrator that can be worn during sex or in your underwear for quiet discreet pleasure on-the-go.

Nirvana Vibrator#4: Nirvana Dual Motor Vibrator

The Nirvana Vibe is another strong dual motor vibrator, designed in a more traditional rabbit-like style. What we find really phenomenal about this vibe is that it's not only whisper quiet, it's also unrelentingly powerful! It's very rare to find a toy this strong and this quiet, so we love it!

Lelo Siri#3: Lelo Siri

As far as quiet clitoral vibes go, the Lelo Siri tops the charts. It's unrelentingly powerful, whisper quiet, and its little pebble-like shape makes it easy to angle and position to hit your favorite spots just right!

Romance Vibrator#2: Romance Vibrator

When it comes to traditional / g-spot style vibrators that don't make a lot of noise, the Romance Vibrator just can't be beat. This powerful and quiet vibrator has been one of our bestsellers for years and years, and for good reason!

Lelo Soraya#1: Lelo Soraya

So, you want top-of-the-charts power, whisper quiet volume, and dual motor stimulation, huh? You may not think it's possible to have all those things at once, but believe it or not, it is. The Lelo Soraya has it all. It's made by Lelo, one of the highest quality sex toy manufacturers in the world, so you know it's going to deliver on its promise of being as powerful as it is quiet.