Top Ten Dual Motor Vibrators

We LOVE dual motor vibrators! These vibrators have two motors, typically one in the end of the penetrative shaft and one in a separate stimulator near the base of the vibrator, designed to deliver their vibrations to your clitoris and g-spot simultaneously! Here are our Top Ten Favorite Dual Motor Vibrators!

Spiral Vibrator#10: Silicone Spiral Vibrator

The Silicone Spiral Vibrator does something we haven't seen many vibrators do before - the shaft rotates around in a spiraling motion, for a unique pleasure unlike any other toy!

Squeeze-It Vibrator#9: Squeeze-It Bunny

The Squeeze-It Bunny is a dual motor vibrator with one of the most interesting control systems we've seen - the harder you squeeze the pad at the bottom of the vibe, the more intense the vibrations get further up!

Mini Dual Motor Vibrator#8: Mini Dual Motor Vibrator

If you're looking for a smaller dual motor vibe, check out the Mini Dual Motor Vibrator! Its insertable length is just 3.25 inches long and its diameter is only 1 inch, so it's perfect for first time users or those with sensitivity.

Daro Dual Motor Vibrator#7: Daro Dual Motor Vibrator

The Daro Vibrator is one that was custom-made for, which means we can sell it to you at the best price possible! If you're looking for a standard dual motor vibe at a great deal, you can't go wrong with the Daro.

Harness Compatible Shower Bunny#6: Harness Compatible Shower Bunny

The Harness Compatible Shower Bunny has two great features that set it apart from other dual motor vibes: one, it's waterproof so it can be used in the bath or tub; and two, it has a suction cup base that can be used to attach it to most surfaces and also makes it harness-compatible!

Decadence Vibrator#5: Decadence Vibrator

The Decadence Vibrator may be on our list of dual motor vibrators, but it's actually a TRIPLE motor vibrator! Three motors is even better than two, and you'll love the all-over sensations they can work together to provide!

Us Vibrator#4: Us Vibrator

The Us Vibrator doesn't look very much like your standard dual motor vibrator. You might be surprised that two motors can even fit inside this thing, but they can, and the effect is awesome! It's flexible and small enough that it can even be worn during sex!

Velvet 101#3: Velvet 101

The Velvet 101 is the best dual motor vibe in's very own Velvet collection of custom-made vibrators. It's unrelentingly powerful, more so than most of the other vibrators on this list, and available exclusively at for a great deal!

Passion Vibrator#2: Passion Vibrator

The Passion Vibrator is as powerful as it is flexible. There aren't many dual motor vibrators that can flex and bend to fit every woman's curves as well as this does, and we are thoroughly impressed by how the Passion vibrator can bring anyone pleasure.

Nirvana Vibrator#1: Nirvana Vibrator

If you want the #1 best dual motor vibrator in terms of both quietness and power, then you want the Nirvana Vibrator. This thing scored in the best categories in both our sound and vibration measurements, plus it's waterproof and rechargeable and has a variety of vibration functions. It's our favorite dual motor vibrator, hands down!