Top Ten Couple's Toys

From cock rings to strap-ons, wearable vibrators to finger vibes, there are so many different types of sex toys that can be used by couples to enhance their sexual experience! Check out our Top Ten Sex Toys for Couples here!

Double O Cock Ring#10: Two O Cock Ring

Vibrating cock rings can enhance his performance and both of your pleasure during sex, and the Two O Cock Ring is a nice introduction to cock rings for a great price!

Vibrating Double Dildo#9: Vibrating Two Sided Dildo

Two sided dildos are a fantastic toy for lesbian couples that allows both partners to feel pleasure simultaneously, and a vibrating one makes it that much better!

Vibrating Penis Enhancer#8: Vibrating Penis Enhancer

The Vibrating Penis Enhancer is a soft sleeve that slides over his penis to add extra length and girth, plus vibrations, to turn it into a wonderful sex toy for his partner!

Remote Panty Pleaser#7: Panty Pleaser

Controllable bullet vibes are excellent for hands-free masturbation or for foreplay with a lover, because the control functionality opens up whole new worlds of play possibilities!

Vibrating Me2 Probe#6: Vibrating Me2 Probe

The Vibrating Me2 Probe is one of our favorite strap-on harness-compatible vibrators. It fits in most harnesses and has two motors - so not only does the penetrative shaft vibrate for the receiving partner, but the giving partner receives some awesome vibrations as well!

Venus Butterfly#5: Venus Butterfly

The Venus Butterfly is the classic wearable vibrator that she can wear during sex using the attached waist straps for hands-free clitoris stimulation that will make sex even better!

Entice Cock Ring#4: Entice Cock Ring

The Entice is an affordable yet high quality cock ring made of stretchy silicone. It's whisper quiet, so it won't make loud noise, but it might make you both a little louder with the vibrating stimulation it adds for both partners!

Tongue Dinger#3: Tongue Dinger

The Tongue Dinger is a highly affordable little toy that slips onto anyone's tongue to instantly turn it into a vibrating sex toy! We like this because it can be worn by anyone and used to enhance foreplay with any kind of partner.

Finger Vibrator#2: Finger Vibrator

Just like the Tongue Dinger, the Finger Vibrator is an affordable toy that turns your finger into a vibrating toy, which many couples of all kinds will definitely find useful!

We-Vibe Sync#1: We-Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe is one of the best-selling, most well-known couple's toys around, so much so that it's practically synonymous with couple's toy. Half of the toy slips into her vagina while the other half rests on her clitoris, and the dual motors provide incredible vibrations that both partners will feel. We absolutely love it!