Top Ten Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators are a classic type of vibrator known for two things: clitoral stimulation and being super small and discreet. Bullets make great travel vibrators, and their size makes them versatile for all kinds of uses alone or with a lover, too. Here are our Top Ten Favorite Bullet Vibrators!

Tiny Bullet#10: Tiny Bullet Vibrator

All bullet vibrators are pretty small, but this one takes it to a whole new level! At only an inch long and barely a quarter inch in diameter, this is a bullet for when you want to feel like there's barely something there at all (like during sex!)

Heated Micro Bullet#9: Heated Micro Bullet Vibrator

This bullet vibrator is about the same size as the previous one, but with an added bonus: it can heat up to 104 degrees, adding a pleasurable warming sensation to your play!

Amour Remote Bullet#8: Amour Bullet

The Amour Bullet is part of the Amour collection of vibrators for women by women, and you can tell, because its diamond-textured form both looks and feels positively lovely!

Strong Remote Control Bullet#7: Strong Control Bullet

Control bullet vibes are excellent for hands-free masturbation or for foreplay with a lover, because the control functionality opens up whole new worlds of play possibilities!

Awesome Black Bullet#6: Awesome Black Bullet

It may not look like much, but this sleek black bullet vibrator is brimming with unrelenting power! This is one of the absolute strongest bullet vibrators we sell!

Triple Bullet#5: Triple Bullet Vibrator

The Triple Bullet Vibrator is three bullet vibrators in one! You can use one, two, or all three of these bullets simultaneously, making them perfect if you want to stimulate multiple erogenous zones at once.

Plush Bullet#4: Plush Bullet Vibrator

The Plush Bullet Vibrator feels soooo good! Not only is it unrelentingly powerful with five different patterns to choose from, it's made from some of the softest and plushiest silicone we've ever felt, so it feels great against your skin!

Jumpin Gyrator Bullet#3: Jumpin Gyrator Bullet

The Jumpin Gyrator Bullet gets its name because it's so powerful that the bullet has been known to jump all around when you turn it on - or maybe because it'll feel so good that it will make you jump all around!

Silver Bullet#2: Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet is a classic and one of the first bullet vibrators we sold. To this day, it remains the go-to if you're looking for an affordable bullet vibrator that has plenty of power without too many complicated features!

Princess Bullet#1: Princess Bullet

Last but certainly not least is the Princess Bullet Vibrator. This luxurious vibe made of premium silicone with a pretty and pleasurable diamond texture will surely make you feel like a princess - the princess of incredible clitoral orgasms!