Top Ten Anal Toys

Anal sex and anal play are more popular than ever these days, and that means anal sex toys are more popular than ever! But if you're curious and don't have any experience with them, how do you know where to start? Well, you can't go wrong with anything on this list - here are our Top Ten Favorite Anal Toys!

Large Bejeweled Anal Plug#10: Large Bejeweled Anal Plug

With an insertable length of 4.5 inches and a diameter of 1.7 inches at its widest point, this aluminum plug is one of our bigger anal toys - perfect for experience users who want a fuller feeling!

Posh Silicone O Probe#9: Posh Silicone O Probe

The Posh Silicone O Probe is a basic silicone anal plug with a flared base featuring a ring design that makes it super duper easy to retrieve, which is a very helpful feature!

Lelo Loki#8: Lelo Loki

Lelo is a Swedish company known for making some of the highest quality sex toys in the world. If you want only the finest materials, construction and features, Lelo Loki is the butt plug for you!

nJoy Fun Wand#7: nJoy Fun Wand

While many quality toys are made of silicone, some users prefer the equally-safe stainless steel. The nJoy Fun Wand is a graduated anal toy for those who prefer the weightier feeling of steel!

Triple Play Butt Plug#6: Triple Play Butt Plug

The Triple Play Butt Plug is like three butt plugs in one! We love the design of this toy because it combines three different sizes of plugs into one piece, making it convenient for those who want to work their way up!

Small Vibrating Butt Plug#5: Small Vibrating Butt Plug

The Small Vibrating Butt Plug is slim, slender and discreet! It's a great starting point for first time users who are intimidated by the bigger toys, or people who want to covertly travel with their toys.

Thrusting Anal Plug#4: Thrusting Anal Plug

We like this unique anal plug because it not only vibrates gently, but also thrusts in and out of you, making it a great toy to practice receiving the feeling of anal sex!

Vibrating Anal Beads#3: Vibrating Anal Beads

Many users like the design of anal beads because their graduated design makes it easy to put in more or less of the toy as you see fit! These beads also feature pleasurable vibrations for added sensation.

Booty Rocket#2: Booty Rocket Butt Plug

The Booty Rocket is a solid quality silicone anal toy available at a great price, with all the features that beginners and experienced users alike would look for in a butt plug!

Intense Prostate Vibrator#1: Intense Prostate Vibrator

Our number one most popular anal toy is the Intense Prostate Vibrator! This anal vibrator vibrates more intensely than any of our other anal toys, so it's no wonder it's so popular - you'll feel the incredible difference too when you give it a try!