Top Service - Our Most Recent Customer Service Award. has recently been awarded a top service rating from Yahoo! Shopping. This is a result of our customers demonstrating their happiness with their transactions.

The Top Service rating is worth bragging about because it is awarded by compiling reviews from our customers. Since late in 2002 when PriveCo took over this vibrator sales operation the customer service performance has increased dramatically. We are committed to making sure your purchase is private, swift, and performs as expected.

We feel that is unique. There are very few adult product businesses that offer this level of customer service as well as complete privacy when buying vibrators and sex toys. There are also very few that are members of the Better Business Bureau. offers both of these features.

We hope you will know that your information is being held in the strictest of confidence and that your order will be handled swiftly, professionally, and discreetly.

Thanks for reading.