Paperless Delivery

Paperless Delivery
executive summary
With paperless shipping, you receive your package in a plain brown box, with only the items you ordered and packaging materials inside. We leave out the receipt.

hot facts
  • Receiptless delivery
  • Perfect for gift giving
  • Saves you from potential embarrassment when receiving personal items
Paperless Delivery

Would you like to ship an item without the person knowing who it came from? Perhaps you want to send a gag gift, give a close friend a hint about something they need to address, or are sending a gift and you do not want the recipient to know its value. Maybe you are buying a private item for yourself, and don't want to risk embarrassment if someone else happens to open the package. With paperless packaging, you can feign you have no idea who sent you the package, and no one will know you bought it yourself!

You want to choose Ultra-Private Delivery. When we ship a package using Ultra-Private Delivery the package is packed and shipped without any internal documentation. Instead, your documents are filed safely here at our facility.

The service is free, just find "Ultra Private Delivery" in the related items below.