Quiet Vibrators

New Vibrators Category at Vibrators.com - May, 2012
executive summary
Vibrator buyers want a quiet vibrator because they value discretion and privacy. Vibrators.com values these things as well, that is why we have invested heavily into tools that measure how quiet or loud different vibrators are. We test every vibrator we can find so that we can sell only the quietest models. The standouts in this area, the world's quietest vibrators are sold in a new category of Quiet Vibrators.

hot facts
  • Quiet Vibrators Are Discreet To Use
  • A Quiet Vibrator is Also a Sign of Quality
  • Vibrators.com Tests All Vibrators To Find The Quietest Ones
New Vibrators Category at Vibrators.com - May, 2012
We analyzed hundres of sex toys to bring you the quietest vibrators in the world. Our new category page is where customers can privately purchase a vibrator that will be easy to keep secret.

Vibrators.com is very concerned about our customers’ privacy, that is why we maintain the world’s most discreet shipping methods, why we never e-mail customers, and why we offer people the most private way to shop and buy a vibrator. When you operate a business in this private manner, you would expect your customers will want to keep their purchase as private as possible. They want a noiseless vibrator and we want to sell them exactly that!

In 2008 Vibrators.com purchased some sound measurement equipment and began using it to select new products. We eventually began ranking all of the existing items as well, and we have now published a sound rating for every toy that we sell. From all of these products, we chose only the quietest items to feature on this page. We expect our customers to be satisfied with the products.

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