Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators - Versatile Vibrators for All-Over Stimulation.
executive summary
Bullet vibrators are small and powerful. They're inexpensive, great for couples and perfect for travel.

hot facts
Try a bullet vibrator. Bullets are perfect starter vibes and enhance any sexual act.
Bullet Vibrators - Versatile Vibrators for All-Over Stimulation.
Bullet vibrators are small, discreet and can be used all over the body, internally or externally. They are very versatile. They travel easily, are often inexpensive and can be enjoyed by women or men. Bullets are usually hard-shelled (either plastic or aluminum) or covered with a soft rubber or jelly coating. The Micro Bullet Vibrator, one of our top sellers, is a pink metal bullet that comes with a soft textured sleeve. The Trojan Her Pleasure Bullet Vibrator is smooth, sensual, and powerful. Both of these bullets are excellent first time choices that can introduce you to the versatile world of bullet stimulation.

Try bullet vibrators on your nipples, labia, clitoris or G-spot. You can insert bullets vaginally during sex or use them on his scrotum for increased sensations.