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Some vibrators are instant hits: vibrators that go flying off the shelves everywhere, vibrators that are more popular than any other toys of their kind. But what's popular isn't always what's best. You can check out our best sellers page for the most popular vibrators, but here on this page, we've used a more personal touch to select the toys and accessories that we consider "the best." These vibrators were hand-picked by the Vibrator Experts here at, whose job it is to test and research every toy we sell. Our Vibrator Experts have combined decades of experience and have seen thousands of sex toys, and these are some of their favorites amongst all of them. We consider these vibrators to be our best because they are strong, quiet, made from body-safe materials, and/or are a great value. This page includes vibrators, sex toys, and other sexual items that we would recommend to our friends. We make it a policy to back up our recommendation by giving the best possible price on the best products.

Thanks for shopping at We understand that vibrator shopping can be a bit intimidating and awkward. That's why we put the best vibrators right up front so that you can quickly and easily choose a sex toy that will work great. With a name like we have a singular purpose: we quickly, easily, and privately will deliver you the perfect vibrator. Thanks for shopping with us. By the way, did you know that we don't have a mailing list or an email newsletter. After you order from us, we will ship your merchandise and you will never hear from us (or anyone else) again. Vibrator buyers want privacy and discretion so that's what we deliver.