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If you’re in the market for affordable sex toys, you’re in the right place. Sex toys don’t need to be luxurious to make you feel incredible. The prices on these vibrators and sex toys will keep getting lower and lower until they sell out, then they’ll be replaced with new affordable sex toys each month. When will you decide to buy? Will you buy your new vibrator today or wait until next month and risk missing out? Buy today. Every item on this page is available at a steeply discounted price, with the free shipping offered on every order, and you won’t want to risk missing out on fantastic deals on these fantastic vibrators! is our page of dynamically priced items. These items and prices are not available elsewhere, only on this page. We can offer you these deals because is one of the world's largest, and certainly the most private retailer of sex toys in the world. We've used our size and sales clout to find clearance items for you. Then, once we find the clearance items, we buy a bunch of them, put them here and keep dropping the price until people take them all. If we buy too many vibrators, the price can get pretty darned low.

What's the catch? Well, typically only sells the best of the best. We are incredibly choosy about the items we offer. We typically test every toy for vibration level, sound output, ease of use, and construction quality. items however, are not chosen as carefully, they aren't bad sex toys, you'll find them on the shelves of every other sex toy retailer, they just didn't originally meet our stringent requirements. But man, the only way to beat these prices is to check back next month!